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Will GTA IV DLC make a difference?

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Sony’s Scott Steinberg was recently quoted at GameDaily Biz as saying that the 360-exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV wasn’t going to be a big deal. My first inclination was to say that the man was smoking crack, but after further thought... I’m not too sure.

Pretty much anybody who’s anybody is going to play this game at some point, but since it’s going to be available on both PS3 and 360, that negates its potential status as a single-handed system-seller.

Then take into account that the downloadable content in question will not be available immediately (not to mention, it’s not exactly clear whether or not the small fortune Microsoft paid for the exclusive rights will guarantee that it’s exclusive forever) and I’m not too convinced that anyone who already owns a PS3 but not a 360 will refrain from picking up the game based on the knowledge that some sort of content will be coming to the opposition's box at some point in the future. It's a lot easier to drop $60 and say "oh well" than it is to save up a few hundred and buy a second console.

For people like me who have the choice to play on either the PS3 or the 360, the choice is a simple one; Since I don’t perceive the PS3 as having any real technical edge over the 360, and since the PS3’s online experience is complete crap, and since Live is as smooth as silk to use, and since I enjoy going for Achievements, and since I would most definitely download additional content when it’s offered, I’ll be going 360, no question.

However, I’m sure that the percentage of people who are in my same situation are probably a very small percentage of the overall market… it’s doubtful that we’d swing the pendulum very far in either direction, so while Microsoft’s decision to secure future download content is just fine with me, in all likelihood I would’ve bought the 360 version anyway. I imagine that other multi-console homes would likely do the same, for similar reasons.

Another thing to think about is that by the time the downloadable content is available, GTA IV’s status as the “it” game may have cooled down substantially to the point that an additional scenario may not matter that much to people who are already done with it by that point.

Or not.

I will admit that I’m a big fan of add-ons that give me a reason to dig out old discs… I did it for Overlord and for Mass Effect, and I imagine that I’d do it for GTA IV too. Hell, I'd do it for Viva Pinata if Rare offered a new animal or two.

I guess in the end, it remains to be seen what exactly it was that Microsoft paid all this money for.

Will the sum earned by downloading this content from Xbox Live make up for the fortune they spent? Probably not… Will it guarantee them a stronger position in terms of console sales? I doubt it. They’ve got bragging rights for sure, but add-ons are a new territory for consoles and I think that this is more a gamble on Microsoft’s part than an educated strategic maneuver, even with the juggernaut that is GTA.

It’s definitely something to chew on…
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"psn is crap" only a fanboy

"psn is crap" only a fanboy would say that ,,,,,,,,,,, hhhmmm dont u think RROD is also crap ??

360 Version Not the Obvious Choice

I actually spoke to a man yesterday who said that there was no question in his mind that he'd be buying the PS3 version. For him, things like Live and Achievements will have counterparts on the PS3, but most importantly, he preferred the DualShock form to that of the 360's controller.

Being in the same boat as you, having both consoles, I had felt that with Achievements, Live, and the like, I would be getting the 360 version as well, especially with the promise of "substantial" downloadable content. But what does that mean exactly? This seems to be a situation where Microsoft would like Rockstar to announce exactly what that content will be, since it'll convince people like me that it'll indeed be worth the wait, but on the other hand, revealing the downloadable content now doesn't seem to be in Rockstar's best interest, as this sort of thing may steal thunder from the launch of the game itself.

Xbox Live smooth as silk?

Xbox Live smooth as silk? especially over the holidays right? especially when the COD4 DLC was released, right? You are smoking crack, and trying to slang it to your readers

Easy multiplatform choice?

I have all three consoles. So the choice should definitely be the 360 version according to you? What is this DLC? No one even knows. And how much am I expected to shell out for it in addition to the cost of the game? No one knows that, either. And more importantly for me, how much HDD space of the 13 GB of usable space (7 GB reserved for caching) is this big DLC project going to require? I'm not paying $200 to upgrade my HDD for this DLC project no matter what it is. If it requires a few GB of space, that is a lot of precious HDD real estate for Pro/ 20 GB owners, and useless for Arcade owners.

There are also concerns with the RRoD, the loud racket my 360 makes when playing disc-based games, and the problems I've been having with LIVE since that Fall update (decidedly NOT running "smooth as silk,"and I have a free copy of Undertow as compensation to prove it). The PS3 is also far from perfect as well, but I'm just pointing out the fact that choosing which version to get isn't so easy. I'm actually leaning toward the PS3 version, although I could still change my mind.


i own both and will get it on ps3 .4 one the xbox will scratch ur games.two ps3 duel shock 3.3rd and finally ps3 will run smoother and more space on the hard drive.not to mention dlc also comes to ps3 too also split screen , home unlockables & the ps3 is superior.

what a tool xbox 1.5 fanboy.

what a tool xbox 1.5 fanboy. Have fun with your obsolete rrod machine

360 version for me...I've

360 version for me...I've had way too many problems with my PS3. Worst hardware I've ever had...I've had both since launch days and have never had an issue with my Xbox. Anybody that says they have issues is more than likely not taking care of it. I'm on my 3rd PS3 to date and that's with only playing rarely due to the lack of good games.

Pretty sure this is a no-brainer with the downloadable content...plus the graphics will no doubt be better on the 360 as with all multiplatform releases.

Fanboy in the press spotted.

So the PSN Online Experience is "total crap."

Mind explaining to everyone exactly how it is "crap?"

Also explain to us how you find XBL to be "silky smooth."

Especially when Undertow, a sub par game, is given out because of what? An outage?

Both experiences are pretty much similar and have only a few differences:

XBL Market Place has a bunch of games I can buy from a trade store at a price of $00.50 (Fifty Cents) and shows that I can watch on TV for FREE.

The PSN doesn't allow you to send invites/messages while in game (for most games.) and Home hasn't come out yet.

Next time give us proof other wise you will be labled a fanboy again.

As for the price of the DLC;

I am guessing $36.85 if Microsoft wants to turn a profit on this extra content:

([X / Y) + Z) + {M([KY / 1024] / N) / Y } = P
X = 50 mill
Y = Avg downloads for a single DLC.
Z = Dev's cut
M = Monthly bandwidth charge rate.
K = DLC size
N = Monthly bandwidth incriment.
P = Price

I'd rather put that $36.85 towards a new game like Socom.

The doop you are alone on

The doop you are alone on this one and must be one of the most unusual console owners in homes everywhere. You were lucky enough to get a 360 enough (You had a 70% chance) and you were unlucky enough (with a 99.9% of getting a good one) to get a bad one two times.
Oh and to avoid any useless flaming...
the 360 had a 30% failure rate AT LAUNCH
The ps3 has a .1% (At most) failure rate.
having a bad one twice, the probability is .01% or 1 in 10,000


Lets See Here:

Pros: DLC, and uhhh, hmmmm.... achievements?

PS3: Smoother Framerate/Visuals, Better Control (only for this type of game though), Quieter system, and oh wait DLC WILL eventually make its way to the PS3...(i suspect in like 2010), and.... i dont have to worry about my console breaking down, waiting three weeks, then realise all my buddys have beat the game and im totally clueless.

TRUST ME, get in on the PS3 - im on my 3rd 360 people...

PS3 "not superior to 360"

what a load of bull...lets see one reason why the 360 version has to have DLC: DVD with hmmm lets see about 17GB of space...everyone should know by now that BD has about 50GB of storage with the dual layered version. Its because of that reason that RRODsoft cant do nothing else with their inferior hardware but to try to apease their customers by "trying" to get exclusive DLC for their RRODcustomers. Additionally RRODcustomers are paying hmm 50 a year for cheaters, ban hammers, 5.6k servers that are hardly running (emphiasis on 5.6k) and "matchmaking" OOOoOoOOO matchmaking...u just go into a damn game room and u play...i do believe the ps3 has that as well
Not to bash one of the earlier comments but come on...whats so special about achievements..its basically like elemetry school all over again the "LOOK WHAT I GOT" complex..
Overall...I alwayz take my chance with Sony's machines than RRODsoft, look whos been in the game longer..The PS3 was delayed for a reason...NO HARDWARE F UPS!!!!!!!

Fanboy alert!!!

Damn how many PS3 fanboys are trolling onto this blog?... Horrid.

Anyways, unlike most of you say you own both consoles, I actually do and even though I'm not buying the game, if I would, it'd be for the Xbox... Why?

1) Achievements
2) Live
3) DLC

The PS3 offers neither of those and for the controllers, I prefer the 360's over the rumbless SixAxsis (and I'm not spending 60 bucks more for rumble when it should have been included).

Framerates are a complete UNKNOWN but from what Rockstar said, this is another game FIRST made for the 360, later for the PS3 (surprise surprise).

PSN is utter failure compared to the 360's Live (no in-game chat? WTF?!)

Etc. etc. Anyways, only fanboys with tiny penises and even tinier e-pensis will be fighting for "my console is better vs. yours". Tis just sad :/

now if u had noticed or if u

now if u had noticed or if u are aware in this world PS3 has DUALSHOCK SIXAXSIS

xbox sucks

live sucks xbox controller sucks gta4 will be better on ps3 dont believe me ask rockstar they been with sony 4 a long time .fag box sucks so bad they had 2 pay 50 mill just to get some unnecessary dlc which ps3 will get .i hope u like rrod & having to delete all ur saved shit just to get it to fit .and who needs in game chat when niko can pull out his cell phone and call ur boys up to play .what r achievement points for nothin other than a gamers score.home has unlockables and rockstar has a social culb for ur game score.ps3 rocks. fag box is for broke bitches.

obvious choice huh

Nostalgia kicks in and I'm back in 2004 with San Andreas. How about Vice City and Liberty City? I have owned and played the last 3 iterations in the GTA franchise not on a Microsoft console with that "smooth as silk live" you're talking about, but on a Sony console that at the time was underpowered in comparison.

First, I could care less about PSN or Live. I am happy we can share our experiences with anyone anywhere, but with a franchise like GTA that was born in the single player experience, multiplayer and sharing become less important.

On the subject of achievements and entitlements their advent and standardization both infuriates and disgusts me. When did these things become necessary to determine a game’s overall value? I am disheartened with the trend in gaming media to assign or deduct additional points/perceived value based on the inclusion or lack of points.

Finally, DLC holds no appeal at this moment because I personally and firmly believe in buying a game COMPLETE the first time around.

I am fortunate enough to have both systems. 65% of my buying decision will be based on the critical reviews (less the achievements and online experience). These include frame-rate, graphics, sound and CONTROL. The other 35% will be based on the nostalgia and the experience I had with my PS2 and the controller. If all else is equal my preference for the PS controller will be the swing for me.

Please do not assume that such superficial and extraneous things as achievements are top priority on everyone’s list. I believe those not hip to such things will be persuaded by marketing and old feelings.

Decisions, decisions...

I applaud G.Monsoon's comments, and just to throw my two-penneth in.

I also own both systems. What I have found is that while I prefer the PS3, my niece prefers the Xbox 360.

For what reason? My reason is because I find the PS3 innovative and comfortable to use. My niece likes the Xbox 360 because you get achievments that she can brag about at school.

The PSN is being revamped soon, the XMB is in the next update (getting friends online just became as easy as the Xbox 360)and HOME will allow future games to display "Accomplishments" (older games can too with an update).


Once all this happens I cannot see the real difference between to two consoles. Oh, maybe one. I will still be paying monthly for Xbox360's LIVE, whether I use it or not.



I too will be buying GTA4 for the PS3. Unlike many of the people on this blog, I don't have both machines. I can't buy a 360 in the same way I can't buy a car with a faulty motor. Any positives that the 360 has becomes negligible when it's in the shop.

GTA 360 or PS3

Firstly in response to screwedup. The PS3 is not 'superior' for what we actually buy consoles for -playing games. Yes it looks better on paper but I have both and am yet to find a game that looks better on PS3. (some pending releases MIGHT change this?)

The dual shock is not a superior pad to the 360 pad. It is essentially a 11-12 year old controller just updated by look and name. The 360 controller supersedes this and is the way forward.

The 360 does not scratch games, if you have a habit of changing in from vertical to horizontal while a disc is in still then maybe, but that is a very broad and mainly unfounded statement.

Now which console will I buy GTA on. I would like to buy it for the PS3 due to the reported smoother experience (due to loading onto hard drive which will take about 3 hours!)but as per IGN the difference in perfomance with this is not that substantial (and 360 is apparently offering to download assets onto the hard drive also, which might improve lag). But I am affraid as gaming nowadays is a social experience at heart you cannot ignore XBL being the king that reigns supreme in this domain (and.. the DLC which must be significant for Microsoft to be shouting about it).


Nobody can disagree that PSN

Nobody can disagree that PSN IS crap compared to XBL.

RROD is also crap but Microsoft expanded thier warranty to 3 years and now makes all new 360's with the processors that dont overheat. I belive they are called something like the eagle boards or something. Unfortunatley however, PSN is still crap.

PS3 not running in 720p

Also the PS3 version of GTA isn't even running in 720p HD. Its in 640! WTF is up with that?


the PS3 is getting achivment type things anyway, their called trophies, get the update, look in game on the XMB and you will see : trophies
I have never heard of a PS3 crashing, but the xbox, i hear of Red lights or the ring of doom,
Because id really like a console that can be fixed momenterilary by wrapping towels around it :|

I think it will come down to

I think it will come down to whichever console you ALREADY own. Not the DLC. But if you own both the 360 and the PS3 the option of DLC might make you decide on the 360 version.

Submited by : Bajar Libros

screwedup wrote: i own both

screwedup wrote:

i own both and will get it on ps3 .4 one the xbox will scratch ur games.two ps3 duel shock 3.3rd and finally ps3 will run smoother and more space on the hard drive.not to mention dlc also comes to ps3 too also split screen , home unlockables & the ps3 is superior.

How much of an idiot do you feel like now, ha. ha. ha!

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