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Wii Giveaway Fundraiser (Winner Announced!)

The grand prize winner of the WII GIVEAWAY is...

BENJAMEN SMITH of Castro Valley, CA

And winners of the remaining prizes.... 

Enchanted Arms (X360)
Matteo Bittanti

Far Cry Instincts: Predator (X360)
Byron Tsao
Hurricane Gaming, Inc.
Mark Murkes

GTA: Vice City Stories (PSP)
John Larson

GTA: Vice City Stories (PS2)
Wade Tinney

Jaws Unleashed (PS2)
John Hummel
Thomas Park
Duane Dobbels
Cory Kincaid
Derek Riordan

Jaws Unleashed (Xbox)
James de Bass
Daniel Kleinfeld
Randy Duran
Keith Braid
James Poulette

Nacho Libre (DS)
Philemon Chapman
Jeremy Wright
LaWayne Cato
Dennis Cheng
Kevin Matheny

Phantasy Star Universe (X360)
Oren Ross

Phantasy Star Universe (PC)
Michael Standley

Scarface (PS2)
fred smith

Scarface (PSP)
Danny Maurer

The Warriors (PSP)
Eric Johnson

Thank you for donating!

To help raise funds to pay for site hosting, bandwidth and the many upgrades that you're currently seeing on the site, GameCritics.com is giving away a Nintendo Wii console system and many other prizes by random drawing to anyone who makes a financial contribution to our site via Paypal of $10 or more. Every $10 donated will equal another entry in the prize drawing pool ($50 = 5 chances). The more you donate, the better your odds of winning.

Donations made by individuals in 2006 will be eligible for this drawing. Writers who have published work on this site are not eligible for prize drawings. Prize drawings will be held at the end of March and winners will be announced immediately there after.

GameCritics.com is an independently-owned not-for-profit webzine driven whose content is 100% contributed by unpaid volunteers. Please help support our efforts.

Update—Additional prizes will include:

Enchanted Arms
Far Cry Instincts: Predator
Jaws Unleashed
Nacho Libre
GTA Vice City Stories
The Warriors
Phantasy Star Universe

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