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What do you think of Resident Evil 5 demo?

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Please post your thoughts and impressions on the Resident Evil 5 demo here and we will discuss your comments in our podcast. Thanks!

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Platform(s): Xbox 360  
Developer(s): Capcom  
Series: Resident Evil  
Genre(s): Horror  

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its great for a person who likes resident evil 4

My only real complaint is that I want Sheva to stop shooting my target zombie so we don't waste more ammo.(go for a headshot and the bitch shoots him in the gut, so he shakes his head out of the way real quick because he just got shot in the gut. Straight Punching ftw.

Also Leon reloads his rifle faster and suplexes fools, so Chris is tad more on the bitch side, but he's cool man, he looks like he can bench press 400 pounds. I punched a 'ganado' through a wooden door and then stomped on him in his chest. It was so fuckin gangster.

Chris does seem unusually ripped

I don't remember him having biceps that large in the previous games. In fact, I think he has EXTRA biceps in RE5 -- from some angles he looks like a Rob Liefield drawing.

The more things change the more they stay the same

There was nothing special about the demo in all honesty, given it's only a partial representation of the game yet to be released. My biggest complaint would have to be the controls. Don't get me wrong, i've played every single iteration of the third person Resident Evil games and the controls have never bothered me, but somehow upon viewing the glorious high definition environments and then having to move the character using the classic control method seemed horrible. I don't know what i was expecting from the controls but the 'tank' control method really put a damper on the demo for me. Given this, i will still buy the game.

After playing the demo I'm

After playing the demo I'm fairly certain I will be keeping away from Resident Evil 5, even though I think Resident Evil 4 is one of the greatest games ever made.

The sad thing is, RE5 has the gameplay, the visuals, and the overall design needed to be a faithful sequel to RE4, yet Capcom have completely killed the game by adding a feature that isn't required to any degree: cooperative play.

Sure, with another human player RE5 is sorta fun (much the same as playing Halo or Gears of War in split-screen), but as a single-player game it is now heavily flawed and not worth any attention what-so-ever.

The inclusion of a poor AI companion absolutely kills the atmosphere and general feeling one would get from Resident Evil. Furthermore, "Sheva" only serves to waste ammo, get in your way, and ruin your shots. I know all RE4 players sighed to themselves on the sections where Ashley was around, but compared to RE5 Ashley seems like a Godsend.

Very disappointed with Capcom here, but such is the way of developers.

I've only played the demo

I've only played the demo for an hour or so total, but while I find the graphics extremely impressive, I think the gameplay itself is disappointingly slow and awkward. RE4 felt fast and smooth when it first came out, partly because it was viewed in comparison to previous Resident Evil games, which were notoriously slow and awkward to control, but when I returned to it a few years later after playing smoother next generation games like Uncharted, it seemed sluggish and stiff. RE5 feels just like RE4, at least so far. It's extremely disappointing, I think, that while other games allow characters to move about so acrobatically and duck and take cover, in RE 5, it is still not even possible to move while shooting. So far, it seems like most scenes in the game involve standing in place or backing up slowly while shooting down hordes of slow-moving enemies--all in cramped environments, with slow controls. I expect I'll rent the game when it comes out just to see more of it, but I think it's disappointing a game with such excellent graphics and impressive overall design can't move quickly and play smoothly. I'm not sure why we're still expected to overlook smooth controls and fast gameplay when it comes to the RE series.

Amen dude...I swear I felt

Amen dude...I swear I felt exactly the same way, and I was gonna post exactly what u did

After playing the demo i

After playing the demo i liked it sort of i think the controls need improving and i don't like the sidekick Graphics could definitely be a lot better it would be more fun if the graphics were more like metal gear solid 4 it would make me wont to buy it more to me the graphics count to make a good action game.
and one more thing i don't like how they are not meant to be zombies anymore just mutants?????

Anonymous wrote: I've only

Anonymous wrote:

I've only played the demo for an hour or so total, but while I find the graphics extremely impressive, I think the gameplay itself is disappointingly slow and awkward...

I struggled with the demo a bit. Between the controls and closed quarters, I had trouble moving where I wanted to, and aiming where I wanted to. It just seemed like I could never quite get a handle on exactly what was going on.

Graphics were great, and I actually like the coop play, but I think I need to play through it again...a little more slowly, to give it a fair shake. First impression though was it was a bit clunky, but it is still a pre-release demo.

res evil 5

i agree. i am a die hard resident evil fan (did however miss a few years gaming which inc res evil 4) and was baffled by the demo. i think that code veronica on the dreamcast was one of the best in the series, it contained strong visuals, immersing puzzles and was still creepy. res evil 5 just appears to be a shoot em up high gloss version which is only similar to the originals due to the herbs you can pick-up. whats with that annoying partner on screen!!!!!

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