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What do you think: God Hand

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Please post your thoughts and impressions on God Hand here and we will discuss your comments in an upcoming episode of our podcast. Thanks!

God Hand

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Platform(s): PS2  
Developer(s): Clover Studios  
Key Creator(s): Shinji Mikami  
Genre(s): Fighting   Weird  
Articles: Podcasts  

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God Hand

I'm playing this game (I'm on stage 7) and loving every minute. I love the celebration but also satire of the "hardcore gaming" philosophy; the way the game feels like a kind of modern Final Fight; the over-the-top humour and self-awareness; the pop culture references, from the Paris Hilton look-alike and her poison chihuahuas to the fat latino Elvis... :) The combat system is very deep, balanced and totally customizable, you have to love a game where you can kick a punk steriotype right in the nuts over and over again. :D It's excessive and hilarious, a great last party by Clover Studios. It's the kind of game that makes me (maked me?) love Capcom, but I can't forgive it for closing that studio and disrespecting their greatest creators... Capcom is losing it's identity...

Sorry for the english, keep up the good work!


A challenging, obsessively bonkers fighting game that never quits. That's God Hand.

It was not a technical marvel, by any means, and I felt that it could have used a few more months in the oven, but what Clover got right was very exciting. ( Was it rushed to retail since Capcom knew it would be shutting down the studio?.... )

Yeah, so, putting together your own combos - why has this not become a trend? It was such a fresh idea. When you really cooked up a good one, and every hit connected, it had a huge mental payoff. The controls took some getting used to, with a somewhat RE-inspired 'tank' movement mechanic, but I felt that the designers had to make the choice to make the combo-creator the main focus. With too much free movement, it would be too difficult to focus on one enemy, therefore undermining the starting of all of the combo animations...

A game worth tracking down; I wish there were more like this one. The gonzo factor alone made it worth the trip through the whole thing.

Love these comments, guys!

We're recording tomorrow night so get your God Hand thoughts in ASAP. I can't wait to hear the crew's reaction to your thoughts, Ruben and Brandon. It's going to be...interesting...I suspect.

Also, I didn't select that fist-through-the-head image -- it terrifies me, actually.

I played God Hand some time

I played God Hand some time ago after seeing it was from the same developers of the superb Okami.

It's quite a weird but funny game, that looks pretty simple and basic on the surface, but is actually quite challenging and deep once you start playing it. It's certainly one of the last games I played that actually attempted to challenge my skill; something which most modern games like to avoid, for fear of upsetting those whom are too lazy to learn how to play a game properly.

I liked the style and tone of the game, plus the sheer randomness (I recall fighting some small chaps dressed like neo-Power Rangers... ) along with the nice array of RPG-like elements such as purchasing new fighting moves.

Too few games these days that make an impression like God Hand.

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