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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 62: Anniversaries, Horror Indies, A Return to Dead Island

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We celebrate our podcast's third anniversary by ruminating on some historic game franchise anniversaries; which did we vote as most important? Plus, why Dead Island deserves a second look, and The Horror Geek addresses "6 out of 5" as only he can. With Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, and Tim "No Batman For You" Spaeth.

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No Dick Naik?

Where's Dick Naik?!

He was too good to hang with

He was too good to hang with us -- something about "the World Series" or some such nonsense...

He did call in for the now lost forever Batman Arkham City segment, but that segment had to be cut.

This ep was like a slasher movie -- first we lost Richard, then Brad left early, and then there was just me, Chi, and Tim left. Had the show gone on, I would have been the last man standing, if only because I know how these slasher movies work -- and since I don't have a wife anymore, I'm the closest thing to a virgin of the three of us. Or wait. Maybe they would have lived...because the amount of sex you have seems to decrease proportionately to the number of years you've been married...

Anyway, I would have lived -- and probably been the killer too. I'm multifaceted like that.

And there's a chance we

And there's a chance we might've seen you topless. Or at least we would've been teased a little.

Budget horror experience =

Budget horror experience = Amnesia

EDIT: I posted this before they mentioned Amnesia.

I'm curious about Tim's

I'm curious about Tim's brief comment calling Arkham City overrated. I bought the game day one, not because of all the 10/10 reviews it was receiving, but rather that I thought Arkham Asylum was awesome and finally did justice to Batman. Only just entered the Steel Mill and think it's wonderful. Then again, that's only about an hour into the game, so maybe the rest of the adventure just falls apart? Sure hope not...

Indie Horror etc.

too bad on losing batman - i'd really like to hear your guys' thoughts on the game.

One brief note for Brad, probably the best known XBIG horror game is the "Decay" series (there's at least 3, maybe 4) which uses higher-end visuals for an indie game, though it's mostly an atmospheric puzzler. Anyway, worth noting, since I can only imagine it'd be a better investment than the other games mentioned. - Obviously horror requires a sort of finesse, and technical skill, that's probably harder to do with Microsoft's XNA. Not that I would know.

The music

Great show as usual, even though it ran a little shorter.
Too bad the Arkham City fragment was cut. I'm curious about your opinions, especially after the tease from Tim at the beginning of the podcast. I hope you'll find the time to discuss it again in a future podcast, perhaps in summary.
Also: Thanks for changing the music per my request. Hammerman is such an improvement to the Siskel & Ebert Theme. Much less dated and much more highbrow!

The Bat-Man

I promise we'll revisit Arkham City, in full spoiler glory, once Brad and Mike have finished it. My problems with the game revolve mostly around the "open world" and its implementation.


As a nerd/fan who has listen to all of them at least 3 times, I thank you for not having deleted your older episodes ;)

@fidgety -- you guys lucked

@fidgety -- you guys lucked out. No one wants to see me topless.

We will definitely do another Arkham City segment. If all goes well, I hope to be playing it next week. It all depends on whether or not the bastards at GameFly cooperate, though.

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