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GameCritics.com Podcast Bonus Episode: Heavy Rain Post-Mortem

Tim Spaeth's picture

Our three Heavy Rain critics join Tim for a post-mortem on the game. We don't talk much about the story. Instead we focus on the game's emotional resonance (or lack thereof), its "fail-less" structure, the effectiveness of its quicktime events, and its possible legacy in the annals of videogame history. Also, somehow, we mention Shenmue about 20 times. Featuring Richard "Really" Naik, Trent Fingland, Dan Weissenberger, Tim Spaeth, and a cat hair mustache.

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Platform(s): PS3  
Developer(s): Quantic Dream  
Key Creator(s): David Cage  
Series: Heavy Rain   Indigo Prophecy  
Articles: Best Work   Podcasts  

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Good show guys. I would like

Good show guys. I would like to see more of these shows every now and then where you discuss about only 1 or 2 specific games.

As far as Heavy Rain is concerned, i had the same positive experience as Trent did in spite of the game's failings. And like you all said all PS3 owners should give this game a chance at some point.

Many Spoilers?

I've still not played it, so I wonder if there are major spoilers in this podcast?

Thanks Zolos

It's a rare circumstance when Chi, Brad, Mike, and I play the same game simultaneously (actually it's never happened), so we usually can't do these types of shows. This was a good opportunity to get some other voices on the podcast and we'll definitely look to do more of them this year.


I start the show with a spoiler warning -- do not listen to this show if you are concerned at all with spoilers; in fact my first question spoils the ending. Listeners beware!

This is worth listening to

This is worth listening to just for Tim's mad vocal skillz.

If you pay close attention,

If you pay close attention, you'll notice that at one point I am briefly replaced by a caveman.

I was wondering why you got

@Trent Fingland

I was wondering why you got so pissy when I mentioned how much money I saved with Geico.

Good cast... one thing I

Good cast... one thing I would've like to have heard would've been a answering the question 'If not as a serious narrative, does the game succeed as camp'?

I appreciate the mention/compliment, btw. Thank you. :)

I also wanted to clarify

I also wanted to clarify that yes, I meant the 'misery simulator' comment as humorous, but with a pinch of Marshall McLuhan observation, too. Misery and suffering are 'on the menu' in Heavy Rain. Alot. The recurring theme from scene to scene is loss, discomfort, tragedy, pain. Those themes tie the game together more than the plot does. In the history of videogames, this may well be a NEW development... That people are RESPONDING to themes of despair in a medium otherwise dominated by juvenile power fantasies. It does indicate that gamers are hungry for something different. Reverend Rant did a good video speech about disempowerment awhile back, and how it's not used enough in games, and can create more meaningful contexts. Heavy Rain certainly deserves some credit for exploring (if not getting completely buried in) that avenue of gameplay.

A clarification of my own

The article I referenced was written by Jared Newman (@thepimpofsound on Twitter), and it can be found here.

It's pro-Heavy Rain, if you're into that kinda thing.

I was listening to this as

I was listening to this as I've been going through the backlog of podcasts and I would like to state for the record that I would enjoy seeing more podcasts like this

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