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Tera Kirk grew up in a small Nebraska town called Papillion. Although she has a nonverbal learning disability that affects her visual-spatial skills (among other things), she's always loved video games. Her first game system was a Commodore Vic-20, which her mom bought at a garage sale for $20. With this little computer Tera learned to write Mad Libs in BASIC, to play chess and to steal gold from Fort Knox.

But then a friend introduced her to the seedy underworld of the Mario brothers and she spent her saved-up birthday and Christmas money to buy a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Her mom didn't like the Nintendo at first, but The Legend of Zelda changed her mind. (When Tera got Zelda II: The Adventure of Link one Christmas, she suspected it was as much for her mother as for her).

Though she graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2002 and recently learned how to find the movie theater restroom by herself, Tera still loves video games. Far from being a brain-rotting waste of time, they've helped her practice spatial skills and discover new passions. Her love of games like Kid Icarus and The Battle of Olympus led to a degree in Classical Languages and Literatures. She thinks games have a place in discussions on disability and other cultural issues, and is excited to work with the like-minded staff at GameCritics.com.

Ten All-Time Favorites Games
Raid on Fort Knox (Commodore Vic-20), Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), Star Fox (SNES), Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64), Paper Mario (N64), Tetris Gold (MAC), Dragon Warrior (NES), Kid Icarus (NES), The Battle of Olympus (NES), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
Five Current Favorites Games
Elebits (Wii), Contact (Nintendo DS), Lunar: Dragon Song (Nintendo DS), Kingdom Hearts II (PS2), Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (Nintendo DS)
Favorite Types of Games
role-playing games, adventure games, platformers, puzzle games

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