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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 107: Bravely Default, Thief, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, Inazuma Eleven, and Listener Qs

Sinan Kubba is joined by Chi Kong Lui, Mike Bracken, and Brad "Gilligan" Gallaway for a round-up of some of the early big-hitters of 2014, including Bravely Default, Thief, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and, er, Inazuma Eleven. Then it's a quick-fire edition of listener's questions, followed closely by the ever-stalking Thumbs Up Thumbs Down"

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I forgot to ask listeners to join our sad little GameCritics Wii Fit U Gym Community (currently 2 members strong). So if you've been looking to get in shape (I've lost 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks) and haven't used up your 30-day free trial (or bothered to turn on your Wii U), come join us. Enter ID code 6307-0555-0778.

Great podcast

Great podcast, guys.

I stopped listening to the podcast for a while, partly because I was busy. But also because I was tired of listening to the hosts discuss the same topics over and over again: a distaste for "bro games", and the superiority of narrative-focused games as opposed to gameplay-focused games and multiplayer-focused games. So I was glad to hear the hosts on task and focused on new games and new topics. I just hope I never hear another podcast about Deadly Premonition.

I myself have been playing nothing but Bravely Default lately and was pleased to hear Sinan and Mike are liking it as much as I am. I'm about 43 hours in (on Hard difficulty) and have only just reached Chapter 3. Bravely Default's battle system is absolutely brilliant, and I wish Square-Enix would pay close attention to it when designing future Final Fantasy games (although they probably won't).

I'm sorry to see that Brad's tastes in gaming seem to have diverged from mine so severely over the years. I used to be able to rely on Brad's reviews when looking for overlooked gems. Now, when Brad praises something, I generally know it's something I need to stay away from :( (except in some limited circumstances, like the Persona games).

I was surprised to hear such a wide range of games when asked to provide a list of top 5 PSone games. My own list would probably be something like:

5. Metal Gear Solid
4. R-Type Delta
3. Valkyrie Profile
2. Vagrant Story
1. Final Fantasy Tactics

But man, were there a lot of fantastic games for PSone.

Chi, there is indeed an

Chi, there is indeed an Inazuma Eleven anime. You can stream the first three episodes at the eShop free of charge (last I checked).


The podcast had so much more energy overall, and especially more zip from Sinan when it's not 3am in England.

Show was much better for it.

Keep that time going.

Aw Sleeve, say it ain't so!

Aw Sleeve, say it ain't so!

Was there anything in particular that convinced you we became #oppositebros?

What about Dark Souls 2? We on the same page there?

Sleeve, I was really


I was really interested to see where that PS1 list was going to wind up. There were a lot of potential candidates, and we could probably do a whole show arguing about what goes where. Narrowing it down to five was a nightmare for me -- every time I'd have five, I'd think of five more that should have been on the list too.

Funny about BD -- I'm still in chapter 3 as well. I tend to just run around with the encounter rate set to double and level jobs as opposed to advance the narrative. I had the whole village rebuilt in like the first week of playing. I do really love the battle system. SE should definitely be taking notes.

I listen almost all of GC

I listen almost all of GC podcast but, yes, I'm sorry to say I agree with sleeve regarding the superiority of narrative-focused games. Especially for overpraising games that have great narratives but don't play that well or don't deliver what they promise. I've cooled down on The Walking Dead after a month of being high and effuse in praising it mainly for this: It was advertised as a game where... WHAT YOU DO MATTER, THINK PROPERLY, and it really didn't because it ends the same way with the same characters having the same fates. The Last of Us... I realise the story of that game may be amazing, but to give it GOTY awards despite the 'gaming' portion of it not being very good (broken stealth, generic cover-shooting gameplay)... gee but do TV shows, books, comics, movies, all the medium that are designed specifically for the purpose of telling the same story TLoU told, not exist? I understand that games affect us on emotional level thanks to player's agency (which TLoU provides amazing amount of *sarcasm*) but it's as if the recent discourse around the podcast is beginning to suggest that all games need now are zombies + stories = good, gameplay entirely optional.

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