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Cognition: Episode Four—The Cain Killer Review

Spackled, but Still Cracked

Cognition: Episode Four—The Cain Killer Screenshot

HIGH Solving the final phase of the round table puzzle.

LOW Every time Cain explains himself.

WTF I just happened to be carrying a caltrop in my pocket?

Cognition: Episode Three—The Oracle Review

Tower of Terror

Cognition: Episode Three—The Oracle Screenshot

HIGH The clever way the episode lets the player understand the villain.

LOW Being told I couldn't see the rest of a flashback because Erica didn't know something I had figured out immediately.

WTF Where exactly are you keeping that road cone, Erica?

Cognition: Episode Two—The Wise Monkey Review

One Step Forward and to the Side

Cognition: Episode Two—The Wise Monkey Screenshot

HIGH Taking down the sleazy dean.

LOW Going to a lot of effort to record someone's voice on a dictaphone when I am carrying a smart phone.

WTF Student loan corporations corrupting college deans? That is... surprisingly topical.

Cognition: Episode One—The Hangman Review

A Fistful of Clichés

Cognition: Episode One—The Hangman Screenshot

HIGH Reconstructing Robert's last memory of his wife.

LOW Every time Rose speaks.

WTF I, an FBI agent, cannot examine evidence at a murder scene because there are too many people around?

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