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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 97: The Sex Show

Richard Naik's picture

This week we talk about sex and romance in games, who gets it, who doesn't, and how it can be better incorporated in the future. Plus we dish on the recent PAX Prime. If nothing else, I promise that you will never look at an iPad the same way again. Featuring Chi Kong "Approval Points" Lui, Brad Gallaway, Sinan Kubba, Richard Naik, and Samantha Allen.

00:00-00:12 - Intros and Pax discussion

00:12-00:16 - Getting to know Samantha

00:16-01:41 - Sexy time: discussion of existing games that depict sex/romance

01:41-01:50 - How can games improve these depictions?

01:50-01:59 - What would a true erotic game look like?

01:59-close - Thumbs

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Excellent podcast

Very interesting podcast! Great work everyone.

Although I see the merits of the 'Bioware' model, I've always been uncomfortable with the 'sex as a goal' part of their games. Why am I, as Commmander Shepard, basically trying to nail my subordinates?

In Mass Effect 2, I was massively impressed by the way it was handled. I was half-heartedly trying to keep my options open with two love interests just to see the sex scene, and at the end, both turned down my advances due to my dithering and awkwardness. I loved this, thought it was perfectly portrayed. It was a couple of months before I found out that ME2 didn't allow same-sex relationships, and that was the reason it didn't work out. Thanks Bioware.

If I see a game where something like that happens naturally, I'll be happy. Two of the games that did it best (the development of a relationship, not sex) were Deadly Premonition and Red Dead Redemption - good, mature, real-ish relationships.

I guess the video game industry is asking me for sex, but I'm just not ready right now.

Good call on Red Dead

Good call on Red Dead Redemption Pedro. Marston's wife and son could have just plot devices (and they were up until the final few hours) but the relationship he has with them is what makes that finale so special.

"What would a 'sex game'

"What would a 'sex game' look like?"

They already exist, bros.


Only problem is they're pretty much all anime, so expect lots of lolicon, rape, tentacles, etc. Definitely exploitative, but hey... they're sex games.


There's a database dedicated to them. Notice that many have been translated into English, either officially or by fans. Also note that they aren't all exclusively visual novels. Some of them are straight up RPGs, with visual novel elements for character/story development. Here's a recent one:


Don't ask me how I know about any of this, by the way. >_>

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