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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 89: A Fallout Sojourn

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Our first off-week adventure takes us into the land of Fallout. A lively debate on Fallout 3 versus Fallout: New Vegas gets top billing, and then we compare the Fallout of today to the Fallout of the past, and try to find out if the old spirit still lives, Featuring Richard Nak, Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Tim "The Gambler" Spaeth, and Darren Forman.

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Platform(s): Xbox 360   PS3   PC  
Developer(s): Black Isle Studios   Bethesda  
Series: Fallout  
Genre(s): Role-Playing   Open World  
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I actually agree with Brad

I actually agree with Brad here; the content (in this case companions) are out there for you to find. They are not essential to proceed, nor are they really hidden. They are there for YOU to find, and that makes them so much more special.

Veronica was not particularly hidden either. She is in a location that has a map marker and a couple of quests require you to visit the location.

While it may make you feel like you are "missing" something, it's far better to miss something and find other things rather than being on a railroaded content sightseeing tour.

Anyways, it was a fun podcast, hope to see more in this format soon.

(Please remove possible double posts, posting was kinda wanky)


I never played any of the fallout games but I still enjoyed the podcast.

Podcasting is what Game Critics does best. I hope that the split between the the two podcasting formats keeps at a high frequency.

Mabey Richards podcast could occasionally take on a topical issue format on some gaming issue ?

Hearing Darren Foreman for the first time on GC ( what an accent ), and Tim Speath as a guest always hits my pleasure centres.

Tim, or anyone else who's

Tim, or anyone else who's interested in New Vegas, I feel like this mod is a must have. Enter Project Nevada.

I adds a ton of features and largely overhauls the game. For example it adds general features like sprinting, dynamic crosshairs, ability to blow locks open with explosives, new items (that are balanced and found in appropriate locations) etc. etc.

And most importantly, an inventory mangement and sorting system :P

The mod also tries to avoid making changes that would lead to conflicts with other mods, so the chance that it'd make your game crash should be low.


Great podcast! Quite timely

Great podcast! Quite timely as well what with Bethesda announcing last week that they've moved their lead team from Skyrim onto their next project, which must surely be Fallout 4.

So with that in mind, I'd be interested to know what members of the GC team are hoping to see in the next Fallout game? Personally, although I wouldn't mind returning to the Capitol Wasteland, I'd like to see the game take place somewhere new, such as post-apocalyptic NYC or Boston. Also, changes to the karma system would be welcome, so that my evil character doesn't redeem himself from wiping out Megaton by shooting a few ghouls.

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