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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 115: Smart People plus Brad on Souls

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Just when you thought we couldn't possibly bring you any more Souls discussion.......we bring you more Souls discussion, but this time with people much smarter and with more name recognition than our usual cast. Enjoy! Featuring Nels Anderson (Mark of the Ninja), Matthew Weise (MIT Game Lab), and Toups (GaymeBar podcast). Oh, and Brad Gallaway I guess.

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Top notch discussion

When I saw the podcast go up, I did wonder 'How much is too much Souls?' mainly because the last game was so poor, relatively speaking.

I'm only half way through but am loving the discussion so far - thanks to all involved, it's making me consider new things even after all this time.

Haven't listened to this yet

Haven't listened to this yet but that's largely because of what Pedro alluded to above: there's been far too much talking about the Souls games on these podcasts, and I'm kinda burned out. We all know you're loving going through all 3 games at the moment Richard, but most of us have moved on. The third game, too, just emphasises that From Software have ran out of inspiration, since all 3 games are largely identical bar minor alterations. Hopefully Bloodborne can reinvigorate the formula. As it is, I hardly see the point talking over and over again about what is essentially the same game three times over.

To be honest, I can think of other games that could benefit from as much discussion as you guys are contributing to Souls. Let's try and spread the love a bit, no?


I disagree, The Souls game are, just as the MGS games, a genre in their own. Keep talking about it... My preference would however to also talk more about the bigger games. LIke GTA5. Not because they are so great, but because they are big. Stop talking about those 3DS games or Vita games. 80% of the listeners only own one of the bigger consoles I bet... Target group of these podcasts are 20+ year old gamers, they don't own Vita's or 3DS's in general...

OT: Souls are good!!!!!!!

Great stuff

Crofto - have a listen, you'll be surprised - Richard is not the host. Speaking of which, I thought Brad did a great job of hosting, particularly in letting the conversation flow. Was sure he was going to jump in with his 'Dark Souls as Boss Layer Cake' theory, but he waited for the conversation to conclude naturally before doing so. Good job there (I was interested in the conversation).

Have listened to it all now, and would reiterate my thanks from above. I couldn't always tell who was who, but I especially liked Matt's (I think) thoughts on the Demons' Souls subtext. Agree too on the character creator thoughts re: race - it was unsatisfactory to roll some characters - but don't think there was much in it beyond general jankiness/lack of care.

As to the best game, it is obviously Demons > Dark > Dark II. Dark II was a huge disappointment, and for me this mostly centred around two things. I used to do a little modding, and when it came to enemies/fights, my default solution to increasing difficulty was to throw in more, more, more of the same guys (though I gated it according to level). Sounded like a great idea at the time, but I look back on it with a little embarrassment now. I was very surprised when Dark II adopted the same approach - fire in ten of the same enemy in front of this fog gate, that will be a lot of fun.

It was also possible to beat all the bosses by merely swapping out to the correct shield. I actually really liked the world, but it was tedious to traverse.

Anyway, great job folks. Would listen again :D


Well. That was a great podcast! Brad was great as host (letting the outro music run for a decent amount of time is important for me), and everyone's enthusiasm rekindled my passion for Souls again. Brad also manages, and this happens every time it seems, to have completely the opposite opinions to myself but he always somehow convinces me. I got Dead Island because of Brad, and might end up getting Demon Souls sometime. Sorry for doubting you guys last time :(

A Bloodborne podcast would be awesome.

I don't think Brad had a chance to recount a favorite moment from the games, would be interesting to hear that.

Hey David (and all!) thanks

Hey David (and all!) thanks much for the kind words!

(incidentally, what was your opinion of Dead Island after being convinced????) ^_^

As for a Bloodborne podcast, you know that's gonna happen, no worries.

And a favorite moment... Hmmm. Tough to say, but seeing False King Allant for the first time in Demon's after going up the elevator is a strong memory. Also, falling through the Nexus and the whole endgame in Demon's was also amazing.

Although I don't care much for Dark, getting the the final area was quite impressive visually... I remember drinking that in for a good while.

Otherwise, I think sitting with my little boy and talking him through each area as I played Dark II was also pretty awesome... Nothing better than sharing something you love with someone you love. ^_^


"The third game, too, just

"The third game, too, just emphasises that From Software have ran out of inspiration, since all 3 games are largely identical bar minor alterations."

You may already know this, but Dark Souls II was developed by an almost entirely separate "B-team" than the first two Souls games. The original team behind the first two have been working on Bloodborne before Dark Souls II was even announced.

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