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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 112: The Xbox Diskinected

Richard Naik's picture

The Xbox 180 is now truly complete. With Microsoft's announcement that they are dropping the Kinect requirement for the Xbox One, early adopters have been perturbed in droves. We happen to have three such fellows on the show to talk about their reactions, and if this was really a necessary move. Featuring Richard Naik, Mike Bracken, Ashley King, and special guest Aaron from the Gameenthus podcast. Special thanks to RushJet1 for the intermission music!

NOTE: this episode was recorded on May 17th, so it's a bit out of date. Apologies!

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Xbox Kinect 0:12-0:52

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Microsofts crimes

Microturds declared war against the consumers rights of its xbone has backfired badly. Mostly because of the sales gap competition between itself and the PS4. If there was less or no gap, no back peddling of it's crimes. That gap, I feel, has some to do with the ' subconscious ' but not articulated wish to not be fucked over and they remembered what Microsofts real intentions are. As well as $100 price difference.

Most gamers nearly let them get away with it too. The worst criticism was that ' Microshit got their messaging wrong '. Nope, not even close. It was a announced illegal condemnation of our rights but since most gamers are wilfully unpolitical they responded accordingly - weak sauce.

Governments should have been all over that pre-E3 announcement but we know whose side they're on.

Brad and Mike were pretty good on this.

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