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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 102: Beyond Two Souls, Arkham Origins, ZombiU, and Link Between Worlds

Richard Naik's picture

Now that 2013 is winding down it's time to catch up on some of the hot new holiday releases, covering the latest David Cage......thing....in Beyond Two Souls, Barkham Origins, ZombiU, and The Legend of Zelda Link to the Past 2, also known as Link Between Worlds. Featuring Richard Naik, Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Sinan Kubba, and Tim "coitus" Spaeth.

00:00-00:03 - Intros

00:03-00:32 - Beyond: Two Souls

00:32-00:56 - Batman: Arkham Origins

00:56-01:15 - ZombiU

01:15-01:46 - Link Between Worlds

01:46-close - Thumbs

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Oh yes

muuuuch better! Great show. Happy holidays people!


Having a fuller discussion of recently played games is what most listeners want most of all.

Having Sinan as a guest works well ( how does he do those late nights in England ?) Big thanks Sinan. Tim is always a pleasure for his discussion and humour.

For myself Arkham Origins was a poor money maker that proves the necessity of game rentals. I got to the 1st boss battle with Croc and that fight is a shit button mashing, linear, one chance to dodge scripted boss attack, time warp to the PS1. Fuck that.

Beyond is a jumbled mess with really poor pacing, direction and cohesive story telling. The most broken jigsaw of a High production game since Bioshock Infinite.

Zombi U I'll never play because it looks crap and not one single person I've read who liked or sort of liked it, has had a convincing defence of it.

Link between worlds has had lapsed Nintendo Fans saying it does weapon choice and early access to weapons well through the rental system. Also some open world choice and largely reduced - previously awful traversal padding, but I'm yet to hear how well the puzzle solving, combat and boss battles fare ?

If puzzle solving is the one dimensional, predictable, simple to accomplish that Nintendo is more relying on to satisfy new and young gamers - well I'm yet to play it but we'll see. Nintendo almost always has non-experienced gamers in mind when designing difficulty and challenge across all aspects of their games. Especially for roughly the 1st halves of their Traditional Marquee games. They understand the mostly blind acceptance of their loyal fanboys to that principle and Nintendo exploits it.

Great show!

Thanks guys for another terrific podcast! It's great to have most of the gang back together and hearing your wildly different perspectives. I hope you'll all return again for a later show to review 2013.

Late to the party,but

Late to the party,but Bracken and Spaeth on the same episode? You guys could discuss a gallon of milk and be entertaining. Downloading!

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