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GameCritics.com Game Night featuring games

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Greetings all. We're trying out a bit of an experiment here, and no, it isn't "how many times can I fit the word 'game' into the headline?" It's the first ever GameCritics game night, which will hopefully give our wonderful community the chance to play, interact, and mercilessly embarrass each other all in the name of good-natured fun.

The first game that we're going to try is Team Fortress 2, for which we've set up our own server (details below). If you haven't played before/aren't experienced, don't worry! This is going to be about having fun above all else, and all skill levels are welcome.

The first date we're shooting for will be Thursday Feb. 23rd, at 7pm CST/8pm EST. I will also post an announcement in the Steam group around that time. Also, we'd like to know what games you would like to see for possible future game nights-post your suggestions in the comments.

Hope to see you there!

TF2 server address (add to favorites in the game):

Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gamecritics

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Meet the GameCritics

Just joined the Steam group. Quick question, will you guys be chatting during the game, would love to say hi. Will all of you be playing? Obviously you Rich, but what about Tim, Brad, Chi, Mike, etc? Actually looking forward to it now.

Unfortunately, it's probably

Unfortunately, it's probably going to be too late for me to join you (2 am in France), but have fun !
In case I'm able to join you the next times, I'd like to recommend Sleep is Death, the cooperative role playing game of Jason Rohrer. I am fascinated by this open ended game, but have never been able to find like minded players to actually play it with. I think people around here may be more inclined to give it a try.

@Gary Both myself and (I


Both myself and (I think) Kristen Taylor will be there, but I don't think any other staffers are planning on it. The game has built-in voice chat, so there will likely be plenty of chatter.

This is something I've

This is something I've always liked to see happen on the GC site and I'll try to be there.

Also, if anyone needs help

Also, if anyone needs help installing or setting up the game I'll be glad to help.

Game Night

So how'd it go? A qualified success?

Turnout was low (between

Turnout was low (between three and five people at any given point during the night) but we made the most of it and I think everyone had fun. Playing with people who weren't judgmental ragers was definitely a plus.

Thanks to Richard for setting things up and to everyone who came out to play.

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