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Richard Naik

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Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Richard received his first console (the NES) at the age of six, and from that point on games have been an integral part of his life, whether it's been frittering summers away with the likes of Mario, Mega Man, and the Zerg or partaking in marathon sessions of Halo, Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead. After being a longtime reader of GameCritics, Richard joined the staff in March of 2009.

His gaming interests have grown to be fairly eclectic, ranging from 2D platformers to old-school-style adventure games to RPGs to first-person shooters. So in other words, he’ll play pretty much anything.

Richard is currently a web developer by day, and in his spare time he can usually be found playing games (obviously), writing, going to the gym, or watching Cardinals baseball.

Ten All-Time Favorites Games
In no particular order: Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask(N64), Mega Man X(SNES), Team Fortress 2(PC), Dragon Age: Origins(PC), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic(PC), Metroid Prime(GameCube), Chrono Trigger(SNES), Starcraft(PC), Super Mario Galaxy(Wii), Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time(PS2), The Longest Journey(PC) and many more…
Five Current Favorites Games
Okami(PS2), Team Fortress 2(PC), Mega Man X2(SNES), Metroid Prime Trilogy(Wii), Rayman Origins(PS3)

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