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Dem Ol' 360 No-Download Blues

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I picked up a copy of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the 360 a few days ago and i've been enjoying the hell out of it... it's a hoot for folks who are familiar with the Marvel universe. it'll still be a fun dungeon-crawler for those who aren't , but the plot might not make much sense and a lot of the cameos will seem like total nonsense.

Anyway, there was supposed to be a downloadable update of 4 new heroes and 4 villains (!) for the game scheduled for 4/10, but the day has come and gone and no update yet. there are new silhouettes for them on the character select screen (pretty neat effect seeing that pop up after an udate) but i'm still waiting... i have to say, i'm stoked to be able to play as Dr. Doom or the Hulk and this aspect of enhancing a previously-existing game seems like a great idea. it's not a major retooling and it's not a patch (thank god) but adding a bit of spice to an old title definitely gives it a reason to be revisited. can't wait.

in other download news.... i'm eagerly awaiting Bug Wars (is that the right title?) but instead got Boom Boom Rocket this week on Live.


Enduro told me it was going to be available and he compared it to the PS2's craptacular Fantavision... he was spot-on with  that comparison-- and how. clicking arrows as they hit a line and seeing scrolling backdrops while fireworks go off is not my idea of money well-spent, and i didn't even bother to finish the demo piece. i can appreciate that Live should be a place for smaller efforts and experiments, but this is a piece of crap. the concept crashed and burned on the PS2 and i'm shocked anybody would want to emulate it even remotely. all i can say is.... blech.

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Well, to be fair...

I did warn you. :-)

Actually, I think I said it was the offspring of Fantavision and Dance Dance Revolution. My skin crawls just thinking about it. Eurogamer has a pretty fine review of the game up for those curious.

I'm not going to complain though. Between Worms and Symphony of the Night, I don't mind the occasional airball -- so long as Settlers of Cataan finally gets released soon.

We've been waiting for that one for how long?

True True. yeah, i'm still

True True.

yeah, i'm still waiting for Cataan, and there are a few more in the pipe i'm actually pretty excited about.

also, a correction- i think the actual name of the game is Band of Bugs" last i checked.

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