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Conker: Live & Reloaded – Consumer Guide

Mike Bracken's picture

According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs and Alcohol

Parents, do I need to even say anything? Look at that list after the M rating, or scroll back up to the review. This is not one for the kids. 

Fans of the original might want to check out this new version for the multiplayer or the updated graphics, but honestly, there's not all that much different from the original. Couple this with the fact that the multiplayer can be brutally unforgiving and it becomes all the more obvious that you're probably better served by just pulling out the original.

Casual gamers may be drawn in by what looks like a simple platformer/collectathon, but believe me, this game is not that. There are some genuinely difficult moments in the game and many more casual players aren't going to be willing to keep repeating the same missions over and over until they finally succeed. The story is funny, the humor is good, but getting through some of the missions to see the next cutscene can be a real pain.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers will be pleased to know that the game features full subtitles. That way, no one has to miss out on a squirrel saying things like "poop."

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Platform(s): Xbox  
Developer(s): Rare  
Publisher: Microsoft  
Genre(s): Adventure/Explore  
ESRB Rating: Mature (17+)  
Articles: Consumer Game Guides  

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