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Critical News Rundown

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This week the Critical News Rundown is brought to you by the letters "P", "S" and the number "3".

While the Wii made it into the news right at the buzzer and the first wave of generally gushing Zelda reviews poured in throughout the week, the last 7 days will mostly be remembered for the uniquely crazy Japanese and US launches of Sony's next generation George Foreman grill cum Blu-ray games machine.

First off there was the Japanese launch (of sorts) that saw less than 100,000 units snapped up within seconds—or minutes or hours, adjust according to your own hyperbole gauge. Not too impressive sure, but it's still more sales than the Xbox360 has managed to rack up across an entire year in the same territory.

  • PS3's software tie-in ratio rubbish
    The cynicism of those early adopters was a sign of things to come: so common was the selling on of newly purchased PS3's, it seems that the average Japanese owner purchased a grand total of 0.98 games for their new system. Then on November 17th, the commotion and bidding wars moved westwards onto U.S. soil.

    There were queues. There were bizarre store management decisions. There were drive-by shootings (kind of). There were insane mark-up prices and an official retaliation from ebay. There were sobering production cost estimates. There was some idiot smashing up a PS3 on YouTube. And no I'm not giving you the link for that one.

  • The 1UP Show's Wii Prank
    Off topic, however, I did find a fun video showing magazine editorial staff tricking visitors into thinking that they are playing a Wii when they're actually just sitting in front of a TV running video footage.

  • Record and share PS3 footage?
    I heard Phil Harrison being a total bastard to Guerrilla by claiming that there are elements of the new Killzone that actually exceed the 2005 E3 trailer—no early nights for those guys anytime soon then.

  • One More Dreamcast Game Announced
    And finally, I came by something sure to warm the cockles of anyone refusing to swallow all this next-gen hype: a brand new Dreamcast game, called "Last Hope" of all things. Ahhhhh!

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