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NFL 2K1 – Consumer Review

Ben Hopper's picture

Parents shouldn't have any content concerns other than the violence inherent in the sport of American football. However, the Network mode is more of an adult setting since there are those who like to express themselves colorfully during a game. It might be wise for parents to monitor some of the online activity.

NFL 2K1 is just the second Dreamcast game to come with a network mode (Chu Chu Rocket! was the first—and no, I'm not counting Sega Swirl), so even non-fans of the sport might want to pick this one up, because it's gaming fun at its finest.

Die-hard football fans will definitely have their hands full here. If NFL 2K1 doesn't quench your thirst for authentic NFL simulation, then nothing will.

The game even incorporates some fast arcade action elements into its gameplay, so fans of NFL Blitz might be interested as well.

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Platform(s): Dreamcast  
Developer(s): Visual Concepts  
Publisher: Sega  
Genre(s): Sports  
ESRB Rating: Everyone  
Articles: Consumer Game Guides  

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