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Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2 – Consumer Guide

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Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2 is an accomplished bowling simulation—thorough in its design and reasonably fun to play. You can't ask for much more than what this game delivers, aside from more appealing graphics and less-glitchy gameplay. The game also loses some shelf life due to the nature of its subject matter. It's just not the kind of thing that sparks excitement.

It comes down to this: You can go to the nearest bowling alley and have a better time for less money instead of buying this game. However, if you're interested in finding the best bowling game for your home console, you can't do much better than Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2.

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Platform(s): PlayStation  
Developer(s): Adrenalin  
Publisher: THQ  
Genre(s): Sports   Arcade  
ESRB Rating: Everyone  
Articles: Consumer Game Guides  

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