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Triple Play 2001 – Consumer Guide

Dale Weir's picture

Parents needn't worry as it's cleaner than the real sport. Roberto Alomar doesn't spit on umps, and Albert Belle is well behaved.

Baseball fans will likely be tempted by EA Sports' promise of playing as some of baseball's legendary players, but since they are only available to use in the Big League Challenge, it's not enough to warrant a purchase. If there is one baseball game to get it has to be Acclaim's All-Star Baseball 2001 on the Nintendo 64. It is the most polished and approachable console baseball game you will find on store shelves.

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Platform(s): PC   PlayStation  
Developer(s): Treyarch  
Publisher: EA Sports  
Genre(s): Sports  
ESRB Rating: Everyone  
Articles: Consumer Game Guides  

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