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Stuntman – Consumer Guide

According to the ESRB, this game contains: Mild Lyrics, Violence

Parents should note that Stuntman's movie "trailers" contain violence (guns, hand to hand combat). The game itself is filled with crashes, near misses and, of course, explosions.

Younger children will find Stuntmanfrustrating, pushing gameplay down to a struggle in trial and error. Anyone looking for a creative driving experience should avoid this game—its linear and demands tight timing and reflexes from the player.

Fans of the Driver series will feel let down because of the game's restrictive, one-way nature. Even the DVD extras are unflattering lack any substance whatsoever. And the bonus games and stunt creator are limited from the start: you have to clear levels to earn the more exciting stunt sets. Not worth your time or money.

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Platform(s): PS2  
Developer(s): Reflections  
Publisher: Atari  
Genre(s): Driving  
ESRB Rating: Teen (13+)  
Articles: Consumer Game Guides  

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