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Talkman – Consumer Guide

Andrew Fletcher's picture

Of course, TalkMan is all about pleasant and inoffensive communication, so there's no bad language involved for Parents to worry about—although I think it's actually necessary to swear at least once per sentence when speaking Spanish, but maybe that's just my friends.

Those looking for an application to help them to be understood in one of the supported languages should investigate TalkMan, as the translator works well and the tools (also including unit converters, an alarm and voice memos) are generally well presented and easy to use, if annoyingly hampered by much loading. However anyone expecting to learn a new language through the game will be disappointed, and should only consider a purchase if they are planning to brush up on their skills with more than one of the languages supported, or really want to practice their speaking and listening skills when alone.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers will encounter predictable and probably unavoidable problems in the pronunciation and listening tests, however ought not to have any trouble using the main Talk Mode as any spoken phrases are transcribed on screen in the appropriate language.

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Platform(s): PSP  
Developer(s): Sony Japan  
Publisher: Sony  
Genre(s): Weird  
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