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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Nintendo 64) – Consumer Guide

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According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence 

Parents should pay particular attention to Rainbow Six. Not because of realistic, serious, and non-gratuitous violence, but because the complexity of planning missions in Rainbow Six is likely to overwhelm younger, less patient gamers. Though, if there are inquisitive kids or mentally maturing teens in the household who might like this sort of challenge, Rainbow Six is a wonderful selection.

Ultimately, this game is most ideal for mature or adult gamerswho haven't already played the PC version and will find all the extensive planning before each mission fascinating and intriguing rather than something that just gets in the way of all the shooting. But beware, not only is the instruction manual littered with all sorts of errors, its also terribly inadequate in guiding players through the complex process of planning missions. Be sure to pick up a strategy guide or online FAQ file in order to learn some of the more advance procedures possible.

Traditional fans of FPSs will probably want to stay away from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six because its really more a strategic simulation than a twitch-type action shooter.

FPSs fans tired of the same old and looking for either a change of pace or something a little more cerebral may want to strongly consider Rainbow Six.

Multiplayer fans will be disappointed that this game offers no competitive modes of any kind, but it does offer a rare and wonderful two-player cooperative mode, which really shines in particular missions requiring two teams to act separately to accomplish the objectives.

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Platform(s): Nintendo 64  
Developer(s): Saffire  
Publisher: Red Storm  
Series: Rainbow Six  
Genre(s): Shooting   Strategy/Sim  
ESRB Rating: Teen (13+)  
Articles: Consumer Game Guides  

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