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Super Smash Bros. – Second Opinion

Chi Kong Lui's picture

The over-the-top multiplayer mode in Super Smash Bros. was good enough to outweigh the games major flaws for Dale, but that wasn't the case for me. I simply couldn't get past how shallow this game played in single or multiplayer modes. For me, it boiled down to the near-MIA of attack moves. Fighting games usually boast extensive techniques where basic moves are easy to pick up, but advance techniques are more difficult to master. Super Smash Bros. on the other hand ditches that philosophy in favor of limited attacks and pure simplicity in execution. Sure that makes the game easier to get into, but once you've waded through the game a bit, this lack of depth becomes glaringly apparent.

Plus, of the small arsenal of attacks that you are given, there aren't any varying degrees of power and all of them are borderline extreme (like in Capcom's Marvel Superheroes). Excessive moves of this sort are a bad idea because characters often feel out of control once a move is performed. It ended up being a rather debilitating experience for me and discouraged any personal fighting style I might have developed. So beyond being what seemed like a neat idea, Super Smash Bros. didn't really surprise me (despite having a few hilarious moments). It delivers exactly what you'd expect from the package: no less, no more. Rating: 6 out of 10

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Platform(s): Nintendo 64  
Developer(s): Hal Laboratories  
Publisher: Nintendo  
Genre(s): Fighting   Online/Multiplayer  
ESRB Rating: Everyone  
Articles: Game Reviews  

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