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The Horror Geek presents: New Dead Space 2 trailer is creepy

Mike Bracken's picture

I'm so excited for Dead Space 2 that I can hardly contain myself. I really liked the first game, which found space engineer Isaac Clarke fighting some hideous, and bloodthirsty, space aliens aboard a ship they'd overrun. It was a genuinely creepy game with fun gameplay that revolved around dismembering the creatures in gruesome fashion.

Dead Space 2 looks to keep that winning formula intact while adding a few new wrinkles to the mix in the process. The newest trailer for the game debuted on Friday courtesy of my former employers at IGN. The first game made Twinkle Twinkle Little Star terrifying, so it's only natural that the new game up the ante. This clip offers up a spooky rendition of Ring Around the Rosey, juxtaposed with some gory and creepy footage from the game.

Dead Space 2 is due out in January—which feels like a long time from now—but you can at least check out the new clip to tide you over.

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Wait a minute--what?

Are you being sarcastic? I just searched this site for reviews on the first Dead Space game, and Brad, your second opinion review entitled "In Space No One Can Hear You Snore" was quite negative. In fact, you "really liked" the first game so much you scored it a 5.0 of 10.

Am I missing something?

Posting error

That was a posting error Elvis is Alive! so it was my fault. That should have been Mike Bracken's mug at the top of the article and not Brad Gallaway's. Rest assured, Brad is still not a big Dead Space fan.

Yeah, blame Dale. I do it

Yeah, blame Dale. I do it even when it's not his fault.

While Brad didn't like Dead Space, I did. I'm actually pretty excited about the sequel and have been trying to keep posting updates on it when I can.



Thanks for the clarification, that makes a lot more sense than the possible scenarios playing out in my brain: sarcastic corportate subversion, a critic reversing a published review, payola...

My heart is finally at peace.

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