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The Horror Geek presents: More proof that Dead Space 2 is in development

Mike Bracken's picture

It's not really all that shocking to learn that things seem to be moving along on the as yet still unannounced sequel to Electronic Arts' survival-horror-in-outer-space game Dead Space, because EA hasn't exactly been all cloak and dagger about the title's existence. Producers hinted at it right after the first game debuted, and now we have yet another piece of confirmation—a listing on a LinkedIn profile (I love game reporting…where huge news scoops come from reading people's social networking mumbo jumbo…)

The page in question belongs to Pratik Patel (and it's now gone—but this is the internet, where nothing is truly gone for forever…) an EA engineer. Essentially, he updated his profile information to include the fact that he's now a Technical/Development director on Dead Space 2. This pretty much confirms what we all already knew—that Dead Space 2 will happen at some point in the not too distant future (I'm guessing E3 sees the official announcement). Big shocker—EA making a sequel? Who'd have guessed.

No details on the game at this point, but here's to hoping it's not a Wii-esque on-rails shooter.

Find more on The Horror Geek blog.

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So, any particular reason

So, any particular reason for the quip at the Wii? Is the Wii the only system with on-rails games? Is it because the Dead Space game on the Wii is sorta an on-rails game? Have you played the game, or is it that you can knock a game just by its mere description?

This is a serious question and I really think there is an underlying motive to either downplay 'core' gaming efforts on the Wii or to discount the Wii altogether.

I say this because the final sentence did nothing to add to the article other than a negative remark. You have several options open to you to say you are not a fan of 'light-gun' games, or to say that Dead Space and its story deserves more than the trappings of House of the Dead. Instead you took a swipe at a console and a game you have not had the opportunity to experience first hand.

On the subject at hand, I enjoyed the first Dead Space game and I look forward to all future games in the series. I just wish the DVD and comic had a different art style.

And beyond the Wii thing-

What's wrong with rail shooters? Are we dismissing shooting galleries as an entire genre now?


Since when am I not allowed to be snarky in my own blog? I like Dead Space as it is. I'm not really interested in a Dead Space on-rails shooter (which is what the Wii game is going to be). I'm sorry, but playing an on-rails shooter version of Dead Space sounds sort of pointless to me.

If you read that as some sort of dig at the Wii, that's on you. My stance on the Wii is well documented, but that was more of a statement about my lack of interest in on-rails shooters at this stage of my life than yet another shot fired across the Nintendo bow.

its cool

If you were being snarky, that's fine. Yes, I didn't read it that way.

I don't want to be a Wii cheerleader nor a on-rails defender, but to flat out be dismissive of a game without even giving it a go seems to go against the grain, especially for what I would consider a game reviewer. You can have your favorite genres and game types, but if you don't go looking for fun you ain't gonna find it.

I'm with you Vince--I really

I'm with you Vince--I really am. I'll even wind up playing the Wii Dead Space game because I like horror games. I guess the point is that the news of it being on-rails shooter just disappoints me greatly. The news that the new Wii RE game is the same thing disappoints me too.

I'd rather see a less graphically intensive version of Dead Space on the Wii--one that plays like the first game. I'm sure it can be done. The whole on-rails thing feels more like a concession that the Wii can't handle that type of game with its hardware than a creative design decision. Turning it into an on-rails shooter feels (whether right or wrong) like a quick, cheap, and easy cash grab and a lame way for Nintendo to say "See, we're taking care of you, core gamer!" while giving you something that may be decent but is in no way going to be like the experience 360 and PS3 owners had.

Finally, I'm not sure why people have this assumption that game reviewers are supposed to be unbiased. I know you didn't use the "u" word, but dismissive falls into similar territory. Part of what's wrong with "game journalism" (which isn't something I've ever pretended to practice) is that guys rarely ever say what they really think. Would you really rather me say "well, an on-rails shooter *might* be good" or just be honest and say "this is a dumb idea"? Because if we've reached the point where all of us are supposed to be politically correct and walk on egg shells at the expense of truly being honest about our impressions of things, then this medium will never gain any kind of mainstream legitimacy beyond being toys for arrested adolescents. If we're all supposed to just say nice things about everything until we play it, I might as well just go write previews for Game Informer or any of the other big magazines/sites (where every pre-released game is going to be great...if only that were true).

Trust me, if the game turns out to be a stellar experience after I play it, I'll certainly eat crow. I did with the DS. :p

You've got a great attitude

You've got a great attitude Mike and I appreciate it.

As far as journalism and unbiased, I think the thought extends from 'normal' journalism and how reporting is supposed to be, unless you work for Fox News (haha). Personally, games are games are games. And I project that thought onto people who are actually doing more with the industry than I am, because if I was 'in your shoes', that's how I would treat it.

Hmm... That's how we get in trouble with our politicians, isn't it?

No problem man--you actually

No problem man--you actually gave me an opportunity to say something I'd been meaning to say for awhile now. So thanks for that. Shame no one other than us will read it. :p

I think we view games in roughly the same way--it's just that after doing this for ten years (time flies...) I'm a little more jaded and a little less forgiving. I suspect back when I was new to the gig I was more willing to cut everything slack until I played it. The problem now is that there's just not enough time to play everything and I tend to make judgment calls based on what I see early on.

I really hope the Wii Dead Space is good--but I just can't shake the feeling that it's not going to be on par with its big brother. To take the politically correct "Wait and see" approach would probably be the more diplomatic way to go, but occasionally I like to stir the pot. :p

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