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The Horror Geek presents: Four minutes of Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii

Mike Bracken's picture

One of the survival horror games coming out this year that intrigues me is Dead Space: Extraction. This Wii-only title is a tie-in to Electronic Arts' hit release from late last year. Basically, it's a survival horror game set on a spaceship overrun by hideous alien monsters.

The Wii version is a stand-alone game, and it differs from its big brothers in that it's an on-rails shooter. I've said before that I'm a little disappointed by the on-rails part, but after watching this new four minute video (courtesy of IGN), I'm more interested in this game than I was before.

This latest video, hosted by guys from developer Visceral Studios, highlights how the Wii controls will work in the game. It appears as though a lot of thought has been given to ensuring that players won't be just swinging their Wii-mote around like a spastic kid after a sugar bender. This is good news.

My only real concern with the controls is the idea of having to turn the Wii-mote at a 90 degree angle to use the secondary fire mode of each weapons. Seems to me that using a weapon with your wrist turned like that for an extended length of time would probably be annoying (and uncomfortable), but other than that, this title seems to be shaping up nicely.

Check out the video below and prepare yourself for Dead Space: Extraction's September 29th release date.

Find more on The Horror Geek blog.

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looky there

See Mike, I knew you could talk about this game and not be cheeky ;)

It was tough, but I did it

It was tough, but I did it just for you. :p

This video does a pretty decent job of making the game look interesting too.

90 Degrees

If you turn the Wiimote 90 degrees for alt-fire, would that be considered "Woo Style"? I'm totally down with that.

Yeah, it's Woo style--or as

Yeah, it's Woo style--or as the kids like to call it "gangsta style"--for sure. I'm just not entirely convinced I'd want to keep my arm in that position for an extended length of time.

I'm not sure that you'll have to, but it was one of the little things that sort of jumped out at me in the demo.

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