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The Horror Geek presents: Explore a zombiefied Wild West in Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare

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One of my favorite games this year is Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption—a sandbox title that takes the gameplay and irreverent humor of Grand Theft Auto and shifts it to the old west. Rather than carjacking, players spend their time rustling cattle, ripping people off horses, and deciding whether to be an avenging angel or black-hatted bad guy.

Since the title has no real horror element at all (aside from a supporting character who loves the dead a little too much…), I never got to post about Red Dead Redemption here. That changes now, with the debut of the official trailer for Undead Nightmare, a new downloadable add-on that finds main character John Marston trying to find a cure for the zombie outbreak sweeping across the frontier.

While Red Dead Redemption is hardly the first title to shoehorn zombies into a game where they seemingly have no business being, I think this one has a great chance of succeeding. A zombie western sounds cool enough, but imagining the undead in Red Dead Redemption's unique universe has me pretty excited. And, as anyone who's played through the original game knows, the idea of the dead coming back to life could have some very interesting implications within the title's main storyline.

Check out the trailer and read about some of the new things Rockstar has in mind for Undead Nightmare.

Rockstar unveiled the trailer for the new content yesterday (that's it below…). The company promises a fairly lengthy single-player adventure as well as new gameplay mechanics, zombie animals (zombie grizzly bears! I'll start stocking up on Depends now, thank you), mythical creatures, and even a brand new location.

The company has yet to reveal when this new material will be available for download (is it too much to hope it's out before Halloween? Spending the night of October 31st putting myself into a diabetic coma while watching horror movies and killing cowboy zombies sounds damn near perfect to me…), but we do know that it will retail for $9.99 on the PS3 and 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. Yeehaw! Let's rustle up some zombies!

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