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The Horror Geek presents E3 2009: Alan Wake trailer

Mike Bracken's picture

Seems like we've been hearing about Alan Wake for years now…oh, it's because we have. Doesn't matter to me, though—when games look this good, you almost don't mind the wait if it means they're getting it right.

The title (developed by Remedy Entertainment—the guys who gave us the Max Payne games) made an appearance at E3 yesterday, and it looks incredible. Alan Wake is being billed as more of a "psychological thriller" than a survival horror title, but it looks to feature enough creepy visuals to keep even the most discerning genre fans looking over their shoulder as they clutch their 360 controllers with sweaty fists.

The game centers on Alan Wake, an author who travels to the town of Bright Falls with his wife Alice. She goes missing, and Wake finds himself trapped in a nightmarish world where it appears as though the events in his latest novel are happening around him. This gives off a very In the Mouth of Madness vibe, which is a movie I adore, so I'm totally in on this one.

Remedy states that game will be mission-based and presented in an episodic fashion, comparing it to Fox's The X-Files. Light and dark will affect the gameplay in various ways (using it apparently weakens enemies and causes damage) and it appears as though there's a sort of "bullet time" element at work in the game as well (it's in the latter part of the trailer).

I'll definitely be bringing you more on this one as the game gets closer to its spring 2010 release. Until then, tide yourself over with the new trailer.

Find more on The Horror Geek blog.

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