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The Horror Geek presents: Dead Space movie lands a director

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Dead Space was one of the better games of last year—an atmospheric blending of Event Horizon and Alien that gave me hope that maybe game developers can still come up with compelling original properties instead of just churning out sequels.

The game's already spawned a comic book, an anime movie tie-in, a sequel game and a on-rails offshoot title for the Wii—all this on top of the feature film version we've been hearing about for some time now.

Variety is reporting that DJ Caruso, the guy who gave us Eagle Eye, is now attached as the film's director. According to the article, EA, Caruso, and Temple Hill (the production company attached to the project) are listening to pitches from screenwriters. Once a direction is chosen, the title will be made available to the studios (where everyone hopes a Dante’s Inferno-style bidding war will ensue).

The game's story follows an engineer trapped on a deep space mining vessel where an alien force is re-animating the dead.

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