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The Horror Geek presents: Castlevania movie gets a stake through the heart

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Castlevania Movie Poster

I was going to start off this story by saying that it was bad news for the fans of the whip-wielding, vampire-slaying Belmont clan, but I'm not entirely convinced that news stating the planned live action adaptation of Konami's wildly popular Castlevania series is dead is a particularly bad thing.

Don't get me wrong–I'd be interested in seeing a Castlevania movie—but preferrably one done right. This planned outing involved Paul W.S. Anderson and the director of Stomp the Yard, which is hardly what I'd call conducive to making a fantastic film (Anderson does sort of okay with the Resident Evil flicks, but I wouldn't call them “good”).

The guys over at Bloody-Disgusting have heard from their sources that the film, which was to focus on Dracula and the rise of the Belmont clan sworn to defeat him, has fallen into development hell—a place where films that almost were go to die or languish for eternity. Think of it as movie purgatory.

This doesn't mean that we'll never see a Castlevania film—it just means that if we do eventually get one, it will probably be radically different from what Anderson and company came up with on this go 'round.

Rest in peace, Dracula.

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