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The Horror Geek presents: Burn, Zombie Burn! means more zombies this month

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Burn, Zombie Burn! Screenshot

As a card-carrying lover of all things zombie, and a huge fan of the old 16-bit game Zombies Ate My Neighbors, I've been keeping tabs on Burn, Zombie Burn! since I first heard about it last year.

The game, from developer Doublesix, features a lead character named Bruce (hurray for more Bruce Campbell references in video games!) who works through multiple stages slaughtering hordes of cartoonish zombies. The title looks to feature parallels between not only Zombies Ate My Neighbors, but also the classic Robotron. The idea is to gather huge masses of zombie together and slaughter them all at once for huge scores and bonus multipliers. I'm so sold on this game that it's not even funny…

Doublesix has (according to Kotaku) planned a big celebration for the game's release—they've lined up competitions (with trophies) for high scores and prizes like "horror themed holidays" (no clue what that might be—but it sounds cool) and shirts, artwork and other prizes. The game will also feature some downloadable extra content such as a strategy guide, music, and an 8-page comic book.

Burn, Zombie Burn! is a PlayStation Network exclusive and will be available for download on March 26th. Expect a review sometime not long after that.

In the meantime, check out the official site for screens and more to get you in the zombie-killing mood.

Read more at The Horror Geek blog.

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Platform(s): PS3  
Developer(s): doublesix video games  
Genre(s): Fighting  

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Interest tweaked.

Glad you brought up Zombies Ate My Neighbors. That game is top of my list of games I wish I had in my collection. Looking back on the game though, it just does not hold up. The graphics are what they are and the action isn't quite what I remembered. I guess it's true what they say about rose-tinted glasses.

Soooo, Burn Zombie Burn! will probably have to take its spot. It has that manic feel that I miss, the enemy swarm gameplay that we only still see in shmups today. It has a co-op mode as well. It might be split-screen instead of single-screen, but I guess you take what you can get.

I'm looking forward to this one.

One of my biggest

One of my biggest disappointments of the past few years was going to Zombies Ate My Neighbors and finding that it really doesn't hold up quite as well as I'd remembered. That being said, I still have fun with it from time to time and I should really track down a cart of it one of these days.

I'm hoping that Burn Zombie Burn! comes out half as well as ZAMN back in the day. Now I just need my own PS3 to play it on instead of having to go to a friend's house to play...

Why PSN?

All of this talk of Zombies at my Neighbors is bringing back memories. I spent a whole summer with it and I look forward to any game that can recapture that feel.

Why is it a PlayStation Network ecxclusive though? Who is even going to play it on PSN? Bring it to XBLA. All my friends are there and we'd all dl this game.

I've yet to hear a reason

I've yet to hear a reason why this is a PSN exclusive--but I was bummed when it was first announced because I still don't own a PS3 (I'd love to, but this economy makes it hard enough to even buy games, let alone consoles)...

It seems like it's perfectly suited to Live Arcade, and I'd imagine it would do pretty well. Maybe they'll move it over if it does well on PSN.

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