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Dexter videogame gets teaser trailer

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I love me some Dexter. It's easily one of the best shows on television and one of my personal favorites (right up there with Supernatural). So, when news that the series (which follows the life of forensic specialist Dexter Morgan–who happens to be a serial killer who kills other serial killers) was getting a videogame adaptation broke awhile back, I was nervous.

Games based on movies and TV shows tend to suck. I'd hate for a Dexter game to join the long list of failed videogame adaptations.

Anyway, here's the first look at the forthcoming game from Icarus Studios (which will appear on the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and the iPhone). I'm hoping this is iPhone footage because the graphics are pretty rough.

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Platform(s): Xbox 360   Wii   PS3  
Developer(s): Icarus Studios  

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Dexter on Wii?

With all of the slashing Dexter is doing in the demo, I'm thinking the Wii version will be the main SKU. :) It is begging for some gesture control gameplay ala Manhunt.

As for the iPhone version, thanks to the touch screen, your thumbs will be covering the screen anyway so it wouldn't really matter how it looked.

You like Supernatural?

You like Supernatural? Really? I never thought a WB show about horror would ever float your boat.

I never expected to like a

I never expected to like a WB/CW horror show, either, but Supernatural is really good. I think most of it was attributable to Kim Manners and the X-Files people involved. I'm kinda worried it might go downhill with Kim's passing back in January.

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