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The Horror Geek presents: Case West brings Dead Rising 1 and 2 together

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Dead Rising: Case West Screenshot

I recently had the opportunity to play through Capcom's Dead Rising 2: Case Zero—the three hour prologue to the full-fledged sequel to the popular zombie slaying sim due out later this month. As someone who was extremely critical of the first game for its numerous shortcomings, I can tell you that Dead Rising 2 looks to be on the right track. Capcom's fixed almost all of my major issues from the original Dead Rising—and I'm excited about the prospect of guiding new series protagonist Chuck Greene through a zombie-infested Las Vegas.

But, if you're like me at all, then you're probably wondering what happened to Frank West—our reporter-slash-hero from the first game. Maybe you even miss old Frank and are disappointed that he won't be back to snap photos in the sequel. If that's the case, then this new trailer is good news for you.

Xbox 360 owners (sorry PS3 only peeps—you're getting the shaft again on this one…) will soon be able to purchase and download Dead Rising 2: Case West. The title, which will apparently serve as an epilogue to Dead Rising 2, will feature Chuck teaming up with Frank in a quest to do….something. I'm sure that something will involve dispatching lots of the walking dead in gruesomely inventive ways.

Capcom's released a teaser trailer for the project, and while it doesn't tell you much about the story or show any gameplay, I can't help but be excited. It looks like there's a lot of zombie-slaughtering mayhem coming this fall—and that makes me a happy man. That the game promises cooperative play with one person taking Frank and the other Chuck is like icing on the cake that is my life. The question is, who will you be? I really like Chuck, personally.

Check out the trailer and then share your thoughts on this sure to epic team-up in the comment section below.

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