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Twittter users, watcha' playin'?

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Twitter LogoIf you're a member of Twitter, stop by and shout out what you're playing using #gcplay.

Just post a tweet mentioning your current game(s) of choice (and any pithy thoughts you can squeeze in). Be sure to include the hash tag "#gcplay". Optionally you can direct it to @gamecritics by including that as well.

Then, anyone who wants to see what Gamecritics.com readers are playing, can search for the #gcplay tag.

If you're newer on Twitter, a "hash tag" is a way to group posts of interest, creating informal twitter categories or communities. Twitter allows you to do a search, and by searching with a hash tag you can find all posts for that tag.

You can save searches as well, so in this case if you search for #gcplay and then save it, you can later see what the Gamecritics.com community is playing with a single click.

A sample tweet might be:

@gamecritics Playing Sega Genesis Collection for PS3, and still trying to complete Eternal Sonata. #gcplay

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