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Atlus Online hacked

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For anyone who didn't see the news yesterday (4/24), the website of Atlus.com was hacked. As quoted in an article at G4, Atlus released a statement.

"Today (4/24/2009), our web domain (atlus.com) was hacked and compromised. A third-party entity embedded malicious code into the script, and regretfully, for a period of a few hours (from roughly 9:00am PST until 2:30pm PST), this malicious software (which we believe we have identified as a Trojan) may have made its way onto your systems.

We advise any and all of our fans, whether they visited our website or not in the past day or two, to protect their computers with anti-virus software and to run malware removal software on their systems to ensure that their security is not compromised."

I know some of our gamecritics.com viewers are Atlus fans, so I am posting this in case anyone missed it.

Mitsurugi from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
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