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Still enjoying GameCritics after all these years

In an industry where review scores are front and center, to the point where developer bonuses depend on them, it's refreshing that a site that hides them is still around.

I enjoy the new content, and I still love going back and reading reviews of older games, trying to find those hidden gems and opinions that represent true alternatives to the mainstream gaming press. Even when recent content is thin, you can always count on a archive of intelligent and thoughtful reviews.

It's sort of how I treat Roger Ebert's archive of reviews. I think of a movie I want to see and immediately go to Google and type "movie name ebert" to see if it's worth my time. Many times I have typed "game name gamecritics" into Google and found something insightful, even if I ended up disagreeing with the review. I've always loved those situations in which GameCritics is accused of giving a game a bad score for attention, because my enjoyment of the site was never based on a ratings system.

But if you do want to talk about review scores, GameCritics does it right. What other site is going to give Assassin's Creed Unity the 2 out of 10 it deserves? The mainstream gaming press may pay lip service about buggy games but they won't go all-in on lambasting the putrid trend of releasing half-finished games lest their advertisers go nuts.

So maybe there isn't a lot of traffic on the forums or in the comments section of reviews, but be sure that people like me are reading.
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Re: Still enjoying GameCritics after all these years

I enjoy the site. However I was a bit taken aback when I looked at the list of this year's reviews, because they were mostly of games I didn't play or genres I had no interest in. There wasn't much crossover with my gaming interests this year.

So I'm not sure I'm in step with the site in that regard. But the reviewers usually have something interesting to say, and it's the first place I go when I finish a game, to see what they said about it on here.
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