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Please Rate this Review: Dead Rising 2

Rising The Dead Again

high: Showing zombies what is up when I possess the katana!

low: Psychopaths are way too powerful

WTF: Reading dialog text in game. Get some in game voice overs already!

Dead Rising 2 is the story of Chuck Greene living in the post zombie apocalypse. Chuck is an ex motor cross champion that has hit a low in his life and has to work on a pay-pay-view reality like game show, that involves the slaughtering of the undead. The "Terror is Reality" show is hosted by T.K. the money hungry millionaire, and demands Chuck to put a good show for the fans. Learning that Chuck and his daughter Katey were previously in a zombie outbreak incident, that cost his late wife life. Chuck has all the hate for killing zombies and the protection of his daughter. The game starts at just that, you play in an event in the show. Slicing up zombies for points on your motorcycle, that has duel chainsaws. After the show is done and Chuck has won, an explosion takes place. The zombies have broken out of the arena, in Fortune City where the show was being hosted at. Chuck must take his daughter to safety.

In a Safe House where he ends up he will encounter other survivors around Fortune City, you also learn that Chucks daughter was bitten once before. Since the outbreak of the first game, 5 years has passed. A company has came out with Zombrex, a 24hr solution to stop the outbreak from starting transformation. This is a key new item that Chuck must locate every 24hrs for his daughter. Dead Rising 2 is an improved version of the first game. The game is once again a 72 hour challenge basically. You have three days to complete case scenarios, that Chuck can't miss on time or he will lose the case and the game is over. Chuck can also do other side mission such as rescue survivors or fight psychopaths while you wait for the next case to start at a specific time. Rescuing and guiding the survivors has greatly improved from the first game. They can defend for themselves better and keep a good pace with him at the beginning. The psychopaths are just they same on the other hand. Way to powerful. Some are very tough to beat alone, when Chuck is not leveled up he can be cut down to size rather quickly.

Chuck can level up to a maximum of level 50, which hasn't changed. He collects PP from killing zombies, rescuing survivors, beating psychopaths, and complete cases. As he levels up, his attributes increase, such as his speed and strength. Also learning new skills, like the Stomp and the Double Drop Kick. Chuck can wield over 300 types of weapons. Anything you can see, he can use or kill a zombie with it. Chuck can also use maintenance rooms to construct two weapons as one, which he learns from unlocking Combo Cards as he levels up. Any weapon that has a wrench on its icon can be used to create some hilarious and powerful toys. Using something like a helmet and power drill, or gems with flashlight for a decent light saber. He earns double PP with theses various combined weapons. In Fortune City, which seems to me like a big mall again with casinos. There are tons of shops and places to explore and run around for zombie killing. There are looters that go around and rob stores and try to jack Chuck for his money and weapons. The looters also run pawn shops where they sell rare weapons and of course Zombrex, for a price. It is a neat touch to see more human like people around the game. But it's not too much more then the first.

The zombies come in packs and the come at Chuck in all sorts of manner. Slow, running, or not even paying attention to Chucks presence. The controls of the game seem the same, a little more tighter but thats about it. The radio calls he receives are just like the first, and are so annoying. Chuck has to stop to take the call and you have try to avoid zombies while reading small text, they need to change this. Some audio would really help out here. The graphics are a nice lift, everything is polished nicely and it stands out good on the screen. Presentation and style is what has cleaned up really good. After comparing the two I could see it in the menus and overall look in game. The audio is decent, there isn't that much music to speak of. The voice over work is solid for the most part and zombie noises are always well done, but the survivors can be repetitive. Yelling at me, screaming for no reason and saying the same things over and over, did it for me. The story is okay. The one thing that got me was I actually felt for this guy and his love for his girl.

The single player lasted from 8-10hrs of gameplay. I couldn't keep track of it, because there wasn't a built in timer. There are now three save slots now, instead of the one. Which is a big deal because most people couldn't finish Dead Rising in time. They would save and be screwed over with not enough time to complete the cases, resulting in having to start over. This helps a lot. Saving multiple saves is key. If I didn't think I would have enough time I could always revert back to an older save and not have to restart over. I never once had to start this game over to complete it. There are couple different ending, which result in the Overtime Mode unlocking. The drop in and out co-op seemed to work good. People would call your radio, you could accept and invite them in to assist you in your campaign. I noticed that when I went to save, that the player in my world would lose connection to my game and get kicked out. I have no idea if it's meant to do that or they will patch that soon.

The multiplayer is new to the Dead Rising game. Players can now hop online and play some four player Terror is Reality online. You can play ranked or player matches, and be joined up with three others to compete in three random events. Ended with a final event where winner takes the top money spot. The games are fun, mindless "American Gladiators" style events where you slaughter zombies for points. players earn money in every event. Players can also use the money they earn online for their single player character. I played 3 or 4 rounds and seen it all really. It was something that really didn't needed to be added in the game, but, the money does help you out in the end.

All said and done, if you liked the first cult classic then there is definitely some improvement that all fans can enjoy. The single player can still stress you out at times, but if you stick it out it is worth the playthrough. Two playthroughs will help you see Chucks full potential at level 50 and possibly seeing both endings to the game, which help the legs of this game. The achievements in the game are tough to get and will also help the lasting appeal of the game, if time is put. Dead Rising 2 is worth the time of any zombie killing lover and fan of the first game.


Disclosures: Rental, played on Xbox 360, approx 10 hours of single player, and 3 hours of co-op and online play

Parents: M for mature. Blood and gore, intense violence, language, sexual themes, use of alcohol

Deaf and Hard of Hearing: The game has subtitles
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