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Please Rate this Review: Bioshock 2

Another Splice of Rapture

high: The first showdown with a Big Sister

low: Multiplayer is not needed here

WTF: Playing as a Big Daddy, not bad just, WTF

Welcome back to Rapture friends and past visitors. If you have never played the first Bioshock, you are missing out on one of the most original IP's to come around in years. I will quickly sum up what the first game was all about in a nutshell. The first game is set in this late 60's vibe, your name is a Jack and he is flying somewhere important when his plane crashes and strands him in the middle of an ocean. Seeing a light house or what seems to be, swimming towards it reveals an entrance to Rapture.

Rapture is a place that seemed full of hopes and dreams, to mix humans with genetic enhancements called plasmids. Plasmids are human wielded powers such a shooting fire or lightning out of their hands and all types of other super human enhancements. Anyways, greed took over this whole underwater city and people turned into basically "crack heads" over plasmids. Everyone is like Junkies! Killing and stealing of each other, overdosed and most are mentally ill by now and very dangerous! These people have the nickname of "Splicers". Everyone is trying to find Adam, which is the you can use to buy more Plasmids. Everyone looks to find the little sisters who carry the Adam. Defeating the Big Daddy who protect them gives the choice to either save or harvest Adam from the little sister. If he harvest he gains a significant amount more Adam then would, if he saved them. So the whole story is to find the man that started this underwater hell in the first place, Andrew Ryan. I won't ruin the story so if you haven't played it, its a must.

In the sequel you play as a Big Daddy prototype called "Subject Delta" ten years after the first game took place. Back in Rapture once again. Making way again through the underwater city, trying to find out whats going on. There are splicers once again being shady and trying to take your life for the smell of Adam. The game doesn't feel as eventful as the first, but it is still atmospheric. The game still doesn't seem to compare to the first experience of being in Rapture. There was definitely more chills in the first game and more excitement of seeing more parts of Rapture, but the second was still not a let down. The visual are as gorgeous as the first if not a bit more. So may layers and textures on the character models and levels, it's is very impressive. The sounds is always been an amazing part of the first one, and it does not let down in the one either. All these classic 60's-70's songs randomly playing on broken speakers while some Splicer is ranting about something he forgot to do ten years ago, it really put me back in the atmosphere.

The combat in this title is nicely laid out. The plasmids are on your left trigger and to fire your weapon it is your right trigger. This is different from the first in that, before Jack would have to either choose which one he wanted to wield. He couldn't duel wield like the Big Daddy played in the second. It was a nice touch, but I have to agree it does make the combat a lot easier to handle not having to worry about busting out the plasmids arm when getting rushed by a pack of Splicers. So playing as a Big Daddy you get to use the Drill and level that up too. Almost all plasmids and some weapons can be leveled up. The Drill is handy for close combat and later in the game I learned to dash forward with it, and that is awesome. Seeing a Splicer, dash across the room at him, and spin him up! The hacking is back too. You can still hack turrets, cameras, and security bots by running up to them or you can use the hack tool to shoot darts that auto hack for you. I still think that was another takeaway to the gameplay, it makes it more easier. But different.

In the first game Jack would research enemies with cameras, this one is sort of the same but with video. So instead of taking a pictures you run film while fighting the enemies. The more damage or variety of plasmids I used on enemies, helps your score. What the scores does, is give me perks against that enemies permanently. Such as bonuses to make them weaker against your attacks. New type of Splicers show up in this game to, brute splicers. They are very bulky huge splicers that stomp around and threw various debris at me, one of tougher types. There is a lot of different types of Big Daddies too. There all are different models of the Big Daddy with names suck as "Alpha" Daddy for example. They still highly dangerous and always full off goodies if you decide to take them on.

The biggest addition would have to be the Big Sister. The sisters are relentless when they come. When I found a little sister I would save them. Right after that I would hear a high piercing scream and knew something is coming for me, these battle were the high of the game to me. They attack fast, run around the place, jumping, and are all out to for my death. They are tough to take down, great new addition. The story is about 10 hours long, and definitly worth the play through. The game on 2 different endings I believe, and playing it on the hard difficulty and go back and find all voice recordings. Thats all the single player has to offer for replay. This game is worth two playthroughs.

The multiplayer in this game is decent. I tried it out a couple times and had no problem hoping online and getting into some standard team deathmatch. You choose an avatar, which all look like splicers. Add accessories to them and create a class with all the weapons and perk I had unlocked. There is some joy to running around using the plasmids and shooting each other, but that novelty wears off quick. Here is my biggest beef with Bioshock 2, there was no need to add a mutiplayer to this once amazing single player experience. The first game did it so well, and that's all it was. All the effort and time was put it in that amazing outing in Rapture. This game should have been the same, it didn't need this tacked on multiplayer. I don't think you need a multiplayer mode to make your game sell, a good lengthy single player game will sell for itself! Just like the first one did!


Disclosures: Rental, played on Xbox 360, approx 11 hours of single player and 3 hours of online

Parents: M for mature, blood, intense violence, sexual themes, strong language

Deaf and Hard of Hearing: The game has subtitles
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