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Please Rate this Review: Gran Turismo

Gran Goes Portable

high: Going 200 mph down the Nurburgring

low: Only racing against 3 AI players max

WTF: I can't customized anything

First off. Before I talk about this game, just want to say in full discloser is that i'm a huge Gran Turismo fan and have always been since the first one was launched in North America in 98'. Gran Turismo for the Psp, this game was in development for this platform a long time... like any game from Polyphony! Originally the game was going to be a GT 4 port, but portable. That never happened and that game must have somehow got transformed in to this game. Anyways, I was pumped to play this game when I heard it was coming out. I Did tons of research and read a whole wack of reviews on this game, which I have to say were just average and poor. This was foreign to me as a GT fan, and I just had to play it for myself too see. I was not disappointed!

Gran Turismo has a single player and multiplayer game modes, where you can race the computer or friends. The licence challenge mode is back again, where you go through and earn credits to purchase more vehicles. There are bronze, silver, and gold medals for all 103 challenges in the game, which I think is quite fair. Using this mode first I found is good to get use to the controls and to brush up on my Turismo skills too. Plus, getting to try out some awesome cars and see what they can do. A real challenge in some of these little events, the last couple sets have full laps and I had to be very on top of my game, I did not want to hit the wall or grass cause the game would make me start the challenge over!

The control of the game is very accurate, sometimes at high speeds it can be a little touchy where I rather prefer to have a controller in your hand then using the "nub" psp analog stick. I can still use the d-pad, which does involve a lot of tapping but can help you out if you have trouble with the analog. The graphics are just gorgeous for the psp screen, it really does look like your playing a little Ps2 game in your hand. The game runs at 60 frames per second which makes the game look even better at high speeds, the car models are also well represented. There is probably over 800 plus cars in this handheld racer, you buy them with credits you earn from races and challenges. There is only four dealerships open every other day, which mean that you can only chose from 4 car makers at a time and what cars they offer that day, which has never been done before in GT. This means I just can't go in and buy the Honda Nsx that I wanted, I would have to wait till it is offered and even then the model or year I want might not be there.

The one major downside of this game is that I could only race against 3 other cars, which is 4 total on screen. Which is a let down at first, but I did get used to it after time especially when I played it on the fly. There is also no upgrades for the cars, and I couldn't buy accessories and or modify the cars at all really. It is set up more like Gt 5 Prologue. I buy a car, pick my paint job and be on my way. In Drift-trial mode you do laps by yourself or against your ghost, and I could modify my HP and some other options to make the car better, but thats it. The single player is really just single races, you pick the class you want to race against ( AI difficulty), your car and your track and your off. It doesn't seem like much to do, and I could see how it could get boring over time. But, if your are a car enthusiast at all this is like a Car-PG and addicting little game. You get addicted to collecting cars, and racing races, beating lap times and waiting for the next dealership you been waiting for to show up.

The multiplayer is simple, up to 3 other people can all get on via ad-hoc and race each other. To use ad-hoc means we would have to all be near each other to play together. I tested this with a friend, and we got into a couple race, we added 2 other AI opponents. It ran smooth and was a very exciting experience that we both enjoyed. We could also trade cars that are tradable, but I had some problems finding the cars in my collection. I can see them in my collection, but when I went to race with those certain cars I couldn't find them in there, was kinda of confusing to me and don't think I ever solved that problem. If you buy this game off the Playstation Store on the Psp Go, I believe there is a manual in the options if you need to refer to it for something. There is tons of replay value to this game, pick up and race, and collecting cars here and there. If you are a GT fan this is a "no-brainer."


Disclosures Purchase, on Psp1001, 40 plus Hours played single player, approx 4 hours multiplayer via Ad Hoc

Parents Rated E for Everyone, 6 or older recommended

Deaf and Hard Hearing No subtitles, but offers manual inside game options
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