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Starcraft II - Warcraft in Space(Please Rate This Review)

Starcraft II - Warcraft in Space

High:Introduces an incredible new storyline and new units with top of the line graphics, while keeping the familiar Starcraft game play in tact.

Low:Poor job in marketing to all users. Due to the the top of the line graphics most common PC users wont be able to play it. Not to mention the bug Blizzard made that had everyone's Video Cards burning up.

WTF:I'm not going to give away anything in the storyline, but one thing that shocked me was when I was given a choice of where to take the storyline. Made me realise that Starcraft II wasn't as linear as I originally thought.

When Blizzard first announced the Starcraft series it was very unpopular. Critics dubbed it as 'Warcraft in Space', suggesting that it was the exact same game play as Warcraft and was Blizzard's little gimmick to make more money. But once Starcraft finally hit stores people realized that it wasn't quite the same as Warcraft.

Starcraft had it's own unique races: Terrain, Zerg, and Protoss. Each race had different pros and con that made the balance between the three perfect. Of course, it wasn't starcraft's game play alone that made it so great, but Blizzard's legendary online multilayer: Battle.Net.

Although it's been over 10 years since the release of the original Starcraft was released, people have not forgotten it. Millions of users continue to play online at Battle.Net. Blizzard took notice of this and realized the potential of a sequel and (finally) got to work on Starcraft II.

Sequels can often mean a bad thing when it comes to game developers. They tend to take a perfect piece of work and twist it into something horrible, but Blizzard did a perfect job incorporating everything that made Starcraft so good into Starcraft II. They kept the same perfect balance and somehow made Battle.Net even better.

On top of that, Blizzard made a Campaign mode that just blew me away. With it's improved graphics, entertaining cutscenes, and it's incredible storyline, Starcraft II was better than anyone (or maybe just me) ever expected!

The only thing that I didn't like about Starcraft II was the fact that none of my friends can get it working on their computer and I waisted the guest pass that Blizzard was kind of give me with my purchase. Plus, it would seem that there was a bug in the game that caused the refresh rate to go through the roof and burnt up a lot of peoples graphics card. I didn't get hit with it, but the fact that Blizzard could let a bug like that slip by makes me wonder what other kind of damage it could do to my computer.

All in all, Starcraft II was and is a great game. The Campaign was great and Battle.Net has never ending online fun waiting for you when your done. I applaud Blizzard for doing such a great job. Starcraft II was worth every penny and I give it a 10/10. (Even though it could of destroyed my video card, it was worth the risk.)
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