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Please Rate this Review: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Ten-K with another review, this time with a more recent game. Before I continue, first off I will be mostly talking about the multiplayer as it seems to be the main part of the game. Second, this is my opinions so no flaming me for my grading of the game.

HIGH: A Decent story and the amount of guns you can use online.

LOW: The Multiplayer

WTF: How a Sniper Round without Stopping Power can not kill a person online, but a throwing knife in the foot will kill them

To be honest when it comes to gaming I personally prefer role-playing games or real time strategy but before I got my first real console I was stuck with the N64 and Mario cart and other decent Nintendo games. I was invited to a game party where I learned how to play Halo 2 and I fell in love with the game. Later I heard about Halo 3 and when I got my first X-box along with Oblivion I bought Halo 3 and just had fun.

Of course this review isnít about Halo 3, this is about Modern Warfare 2. Now why am I explaining this story, well let me get to that, first off I was in a clan on Halo 3 and we kept noticing that people went towards Modern Warfare 2 rather then Halo 3. Soon members went in and said that this game was the best. So for Christmas I got the game and when I went in with my friend on that Christmas morning, I was happy. The guns were fun to play with, plenty of different games types to play on. The Story was very easy to get sucked intoÖ but this is where the happiness began to leave me.

First off before I talk about my lows of the game lets talk about the story. Now as this is my first Call of Duty game, or for that matter, first game that uses real life guns and has more realistic wars. I donít know the whole story of Modern Warfare 1. You are playing a special ops who is trying to take down a Russian terrorist named Makarov. You infiltrate his ranks and follow him on by far the most controversial things in gaming Iíve ever seen. You help him kill Russian civilians in an airport. Iím not kidding they calmly step out of an elevator then open fire on the people. Of course you can choose not to fire on them and I chose not too as I was raised right but I still had to fight the police. But what really got me was how Makarov shoots you before escaping and you realize he used you and since you are an American that ticks off Russia.

So after that you control two people. A special op and a Solider fighting the war on two fronts. The missions are simple, shoot the bad guys, go over their, donít get hit by artillery but I think thatís a given in all shooter games. I wonít spoil the ending but I will say it is like Halo 2ís ending so we wonít have closure until Modern Warfare 3.

Next we have the Special Ops missions, most of which are based off levels and missions within the campaign and I had fun working with a friend on the levels. Sniping in the bushes, killing militia in the Favela, sneaking around and sniping stupid guards in the snow. Those were times where I grinned, laughed, and had fun with my friend online, but alas this is where I must stop praising the game.

The multiplayer, how shall I describe it, horrible, teeth grinding, painful, annoying, no those wonít work. Think of the nastiest thing you of say to someone if you hate them, then multiply that ten fold. Sorry to those who enjoy the multiplayer but I canít take it anymore. First off campers, I know what you are going to say, ďBut Ten-K people camp in all shooter gamesĒ true but I was once in a game of Deathmatch where everyone on both teams were camping, no one was moving except for me and every time I took two steps I got shot by a guy who was camping the spawn which brings up another point, the spawn system. According to my research I found that the spawn system works by spawning us with our team mates, ok that could work, except when we are being spawn camped by a guy with a sniper, shotgun, or my personal favorite Chopper Gunner which takes me down the moment I appear.

I also have to say that while the guns can have a wide variety I found people using the same combinations of gun sets and perks.

Famas + Stopping Power = Instant death if one of the three shots hit you

Riot Shield + Any shotgun (usually a SPAS or Model 1887) + Steady Aim = a guy who camps a hallway and we canít stop them

Magnum with Tactical Knife + Marathon + Lightweight + Commando = a Knife runner who everyone hates

These are just some of the more annoying combination honestly. Some might say Iím just complaining because my skills arenít good, no Iím a decent support class with an assault rifle. I just hate campers, shotgun noobs, knife runners, and modders.

Yes modders, people who mod the game, thatís not to say all modders are bad, it is fun to play a game in slow motion like it was the matrix, but when they use it in a real game to give them an advantage thatís where I draw the line. Another thing, people who mod accounts so you become a tenth prestige, first off why would I pay money to reach that trophy? Whatís the point, second off, I hate getting a ďMessage to All Recent players blah blah blah!Ē every single game I play.

The glitches as well, I was lucky to get the game after Infinity Wards patched the Javelin Glitch but what I was taking on was care package glitchers, care package runners, and who could forget the model 1887 dueling wielding players who could get you from the range of a sniper rifle.

Honestly, and the worst part was that Infinity Wards takes their sweet time to patch the problems too, its really annoying to wait over a month for them to fix a problem when other games take about a week and a half to fix it.

The players are also an issue, we got the trash talkers, the people who swear, but what I really hate, is the squeaker. A squeaker is a 12 and under little boy who plays a rated M game. Two things are wrong with this, one, who sold them this rated M game? And two, Iím hearing the kids swearing, and not just D**m or s**t, no they are saying the F word. Iím not kidding on that one.

My final complaint with this game would be the DLC, the map packs cost 1200 Microsoft points, now lets compare that with Halo 3ís map packs. They cost 800 Microsoft points and the maps were great. Modern Warfareís maps, the first map pack was terrible with only one or two maps being fun to play on. And the second was the same story. Five maps for 1200 Microsoft points, 800 is a fair price for the maps.

Disclosures: This game was obtained via Christmas but I assume my folks bought it at GameStop and reviewed on the Xbox 360 Approximately 20 hours was devoted to single-player modes with the Multiplayer being played for about 6 months.
Parents: The game is rated M due to swearing, blood, guns, but I doubt anyone cares anymore seeing as how many kids are on x-box live.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing: The game provides subtitles and the rumble feature will alert you if you are hit by an enemy. However it helps to be able to hear your surroundings.
I enjoyed the game to a point, and once that point was crossed, I couldnít take it anymore, I traded the game in, and I feel good with myself. As for my rating Iím going to rate two ways.
Single player/ offline play: 8.9 fun and thrilling
Online Multiplayer: 5.8 it is painful with all its problems, a cesspool of all the cheap tactics of online play.
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