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Please rate this review. Fate

Fate-The Traitors
Game Review by J.C Allen

Fate - The traitors soul is an expansion to the first game titled Fate. You start off in the temple of fate with either a new character or you have the option of importing your previous character from Fate. If starting a new character you begin in the town of Grove and hit the dungeon for infinite levels of game play.

Pro's- The replay value of this game is insane. Not only are there infinite dungeons to explore you can later retire your character and create a decendent. You even have the option to leave a trinket of sorts. A passing from the old character to the next. Your given a pet which has it's own inventory for you to stash loot which allows fewer trips to town. There is even a unique fishing system that allows you to change your pet into vicious monsters for a time (Or even permanently in some cases). Also you can even opt to send you pet to town in your place to sell your unwanted treasures.As far as the quests go you will never run out because the game reconizes what dungeon lvl you are on and the quests update accordingly.

Low - The game itself is abit repetetive. You basicly spend the entire game going through floor after floor until you've seen every possible map combination. After that it can get a bit boring. The quests throughout the game are lacking a bit of deversity. It's always pick up this item, get to this floor or find these mobs. It wouldn't hurt to throw an escort mission or something with alittle more depth then "Find 5 basalisk on flr 18 and return" Then you return just to hear "Find 5 basalisk on flr 20 and return" It gets a bit old.

Wtf - I actually have two moments I need to discuss. Number one. Do Not Save At The Docks! I cannot stress this enough. Apparently there is an invisible wall that apears randomly in town. If you are unfourtunate enough to make the same mistake I did your just going to have to start over. There is no escape! After about 16 hrs in my first playthrough I decided to take a break in town and fish. I found several unique items then called it quits. The next day I hop on and BAM! I can't get off the docks. So now all my main can do is fish...forever.

All in all I'd have to give this game a 4/5. Would be a 5/5 but I still can't get off the docks. Also there is no multiplayer and I think that would make this game a hit. So if you got the time to kill you have to try Fate - The traitors soul. Stay away from the docks!

Discloser - This game was obtained via bestbuy and reviewed on the pc apprx 32 hours of play was devoted to single player
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