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Thumbs up Please Rate This Review: Pinball Heroes (PSP)


Dr.Game@101 here and I'm reviewing "Pinball Heroes" for the PSP. What is Pinball Heroes? "Pinball Heroes" is obviously an arcade styled pinball game but it has 4 awesome tables that are available for purchase. There's "Uncharted", "Hot Shots Golf", "High Velocity Bowling" and "PAIN", and each is only $ 3.99! So does it worth the purchase?

HIGH Great Graphics and Easy Controls

LOW Each table is 4 Dollars!

WTF Online Server dosen't work!

First off the presentation and the graphics are simply awesome. They won't blow you away but it's still pretty to look at. At the main menu you'll have the selection of 4 tables and each one is $ 3.99. The table I bought is "PAIN" which is a PS3 game where you have to shoot Jarvis McBalsy from a giant slingshot and cause him as much damage as possible. Anyways, every time I hit the ball hits a corner or a bouncer, hilarious characters like a guy dressed as a cow or Jarvis kept saying stuff like "That was Awesome!" or "OHH My Balls!" and more that I not going to say.

Now the main thing is the controls so you use the left and right shoulder buttons to swing the "fllipers" and you can also do stuff like move the table side ways with the select button, tilt the table with the analog stick and zoom in/out with a square. The controls are simple and easy to use. Also as an extra every table has its own unlockable trophies that will help you with your high score and there's also an online leader board so you can show off your talents. But at this moment right the server is not working so you'll just have to wait.

Bottom Line is if you're are fan of pinball games or such games like "Uncharted”, “Hot Shots Gold Golf" and "PAIN", oh and also like collecting trophies and posting your high-score one the leader board (who doesn't?) then it's an absolute MUST BUY!

I'm giving "Pinball Heroes" 4 out of 5!

Disclosures: This game was obtained via Playstation Store and reviewed on the PSP. Approximately 5 hours of play was devoted to single-player modes.

Parents: This game is made for kids and parents everywhere. No mature thems, because it's PINBALL!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Since it's just a pinball game there are no voice-overs or music what so ever except for small silly sounds and yells depending on which table your playing on.

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Re: Please Rate This Review: Pinball Heroes (PSP)

Hi Dr. Game.

This is an interesting review, but it doesn't fit our review format at all as it's currently written. We don't do lists of + and - here at GC and we try to shy away from such a purely bullet point style of reviewing (which we sometimes fail at--but we try).

I think you're definitely capable of writing reviews, but for us to use this you'd have to rework it in both the presentation and content so it fits in more neatly with the tone of the site. If you're up for that, I'm sure we'd all be glad to offer detailed feedback.
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Re: Please Rate This Review: Pinball Heroes (PSP)

I did some editing on this but for personal reasons I had to create a new account:
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