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Pease Rate This Review:Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii

High:Getting to do battles on WFC.

Low: Doing the same thing over and over again...
50cc, 100cc, 150cc, only difference is different veichles.

WTF: Why are the onling tournaments so messed up?

Well nintendo did a good job on this one. Just as I expexded it to be...Although i thought it would be hard to follow after Mario Kart Double Dash.

The Wii wheel was a good idea but a bit sketchy.
I find it hard to control, but many people can use it well. But if your like me there still is the game cube controller and the classic controller. Wich are very useful for you other uncoordinated folks.

The game play is great, now you can play battle alone, do to there being NPCs in it. Wich makes it more enjoyable if your playing alone, causeing the appeal to not run out so fast.

There are 12 characters and 12 unlockables, 36 veichles, and different tracks, dating back to the nes.

The online game play is well done, except for the tournaments. Wich are poorly set up. What you do is choose your character, veichle, and veichle type (automatic or manual) like usual. Then you go to the designated track and race 11 other NPCs, like a normal grand prix race. Then you get ranked on the amount of time it took you to to finish, and get ranked from E-A. You can do this as many times as you want. (tournaments last a week) I was hoping to be able to at least race someone else. Other than that the online is set up real well. You can do a coin runner battle, were your objective is to colloect more coins than the other team before the time limit, or a balloon battle, your objective is to pop as many of the other teams balloons as possible with shells, banana peels, etc, With other people accross te world. And you can Race ghosts. Other people do a race recording a ghost of exactly what they did and you can race it.

So overall I would rate this game 4/5. The game is good, but the appeal wears out fast if you are the only one or don`t have WFC.
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