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Please rate this review: Red Faction: Guerilla

A great sequel that only lacks plot depth

High Extremely good destruction engine put to excellent use

Low The plot isn't all that engaging

Wtf Bringing bunches of enemies into a building and blowing it up was mindless fun

In an age where shooters come out almost every 3 weeks this sequel manages to get you hooked despite lacking an interesting and engaging plot. Red Faction: Guerilla is a fun shooter where you are able to utterly destroy everything and roam part of the surface of Mars. You will sometimes spend hours simply causing destruction to anything you van get your sledgehammer onto. Others you will be focused on set objectives for you to go about and complete.

Lets get a few things clear. In this Red Faction you get to play as Alec Mason. If you were expecting a first-person perspective than you will be pretty disappointed as this installment in the series you get to enjoy a third-person perspective. If you bought this game because Volition (aka the guys who made the saints row games) developed it you should know that this game leans more towards a third-person shooter that a sandbox/free roam game.

When you start out you are just given a sledgehammer and remote charges and told to go destroy some EDF(Earth Defense Force)property. You are also presented with a rather weak plot element of you brother dieing. That would be Dan Mason. That means that you try to overthrow the EDF for revenge and to help Red Faction. From there you choose what you want to do. You can upgrade and buy weapons, armor and other ablilities with salvage. Salvage is basically scrap metal that you can get after you destroy a structure. At your disposal is an interesting arsenal of weaponry. Assault rifles and pistols are available and improvised weaponry made from mining tools. You may also do little side missions to gain control over sectors of Mars or you can do the full story missions.

There is a variety of side missions for you to do. The most interesting ones in my opinion are the following: one where you are a gunner for someones car and you attempt to deal damage to the EDF, in another you join up with some allies and then join up with many others to raid an EDF building and blow it up, and in my other favorite you go free a set number of captives being held by the EDF within a building and drive them to a safe house nearby. The main missions consist of their own unique objectives for you to complete. There are a few memorable missions most with a lot of destruction.

In the multiplayer aspect the game is still very fun. Among others there is Anarchy and Team Anarchy(regular deathmatch and team deathmatch) and Siege(witch is basically about going to your opponents base and blowing their stuff up). You may customize aspects of your multiplayer experience. You can pick witch character you will take form as when you are on a specific team. Your emblem is also customizable. You are able to change its color and the little image in the foreground and the one in the background. Also customizable is the sledgehammer or hammer type thing that you use. Most of these available changes have to be unlocked by playing online. While Red Faction: Guerilla may have its weak spots it pulls through with amazing destruction and action.

Disclosures This game was obtained via retail store and reviewed on the Xbox 360. Approximately 15 hours of play was devoted to single-player modes was not completed due to going on vacation and 10 hours of play to multiplayer modes.

Parents This game contains blood. When you shoot an enemy his or her blood splatters on a nearby surface. Strong language is also present through in-game dialogue/subtitles. This game is not suitable for minors to play.

Deaf and hard of hearing The game has subtitles available through the options menu for important dialogue for things such as missions and side missions. Some of the dialogue is not subtitled sadly.

Last edited by Cosmicand96; 06-28-2009 at 03:02 AM. Reason: accidental submiting (unfinished)
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Chi Kong Lui
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Re: Please rate this review: Red Faction: Guerilla

Hi Cosmic, I don't really get a sense of what works in and what didn't in the game as well as your overall opinion. Avoid writing in the second person and describe your own experience with the game rather than trying to tell the reader what they will experience. Sentences like "Lets get a few things clear" are redundant and unnecessary. Also, the WTF point is for moment in the game that doesn't make any sense. The point about the blowing up the soldiers is really your "High".

Thanks for submitting.

Twitter: gamecritics
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Jason Karney
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Re: Please rate this review: Red Faction: Guerilla

Hey there,

Thanks for contributing a review, and for using the correct format (the beginning and end parts).

If you're interested in publishing on our home page, I hope you'll consider some editing, along the lines of what Chi has said. It's the boring, less-glamorous part of writing; but it's what we all do.

Definitely get rid of the 2nd person. Instead of "you do" or "you can", talk about yourself or the gamer. "I could," "the gamer is presented with," or "I was surprised that..." That will help a lot.

And it's hard to believe there is still non-subtitled dialog nowadays.

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