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Chi Kong Lui
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Persona 3 FES Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, FAQs, Cheat Codes and Strategy

Got questions and/or advice? Post tips, tricks, hints, help, FAQs, cheat codes and strategy for Persona 3 FES here. Registration not required. Guest posting allowed.

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Talking Re: Persona 3 FES Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, FAQs, Cheat Codes and Strategy

About how quickly should I be moving up Tartarus?

With all the cool stuff to do, its kind of hard to stay focused on fighting
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Re: Persona 3 FES Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, FAQs, Cheat Codes and Strategy

Hi (i know i'm late but i could help other... or maybe you) so...
Cool stuf such as...? if it's like the 'garnet' and 'diamond' ... (items for antique shop), then you'll have to fight (i find i bunch of them in the 3rd block). also if you want free personas, money and weapon...
If you get bored fighting, then create 'Satan' and 'Helel' and you will be able to use 'Armagedon'; the ultimate attack.
Here's anoter good one : to gain money quickly, you should visit the Monard block AND remember that each floor has EXACTLY 2 chests sooo...
-You're not going to find any money in the first one but you can fing these (Dis-poison, Me Patra, Balm of life...)
-You can find money in the other 9 floors (my record is 46* *** yens) with the items sometimes. if you get very lucky, you'll find 'Soma'.
-Don't let you're team members split up from the 2nd floor to the 9th cuz they won't give you any money if they found it.
That's all. =)
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