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Daniel Weissenberger
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New Review Posted: Heroes of Might and Magic V

I review Heroes of Might and Magic V, and find it oddly familiar:

"In late 2004 Microsoft spent so much money marketing the upcoming release of Halo 2 that national press outlets started doing reports about it as if it were actually news. Unsurprisingly, these were generally awkward and horribly researched, as mainstream coverage about niche subjects tends to be.

In one of these reports the reporter referred to the game as the 'latest version of the popular Halo game', as if it were Photoshop. Being kind of an elitist jerk, I was amused by his mistake until I realized that the ignorant newscaster had stumbled on something wholly by accident. While most video games have sequels in the film sense of the word (in that they offer some kind of narrative continuity or recurring characters and situations) some video game sequels are the exact same game, with better graphics and a few more features. A perfect example of this phenomenon is Heroes of Might & Magic (HOMM), which has maintained a fairly strict, repetitive formula ever since the first game in the series, 1992's King's Bounty."

So is staying the same good, or bad? I wrestle the thorny issue here.
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